Comments on: Anti-abortion rights activists target “personhood” amendments Religion, faith and ethics Sat, 23 Apr 2016 23:25:07 +0000 hourly 1 By: xaviar durant Mon, 21 Sep 2009 01:21:46 +0000 This counting your chickens before they are hatched proposal will fail big time. It is well established in law, tradition and religious practice that fetuses are not persons. Even babies and children do not have the full rights of an adult. These adult rights are achieved in a series of steps and until they are parents are held accountable for children.

What is going to happen at the next census if this should become law? Are women going to have to submit to a pregnancy test to get a accurate count for the census? Maybe census takers will have to all be gynecologists. Or do backers of this nonsense propose that there should be two classes of persons? One that counts if an abortion is performed but doesn’t count at census time.

Most religions do not recognize fetuses as persons because they do not perform funerals for miscarriages and still births for example. They may say life begins at conception but they don’t walk the talk.

If a fetus is a person, then clearly pregnant women should be given a double vote for example. And who in their right mind is going to risk pregnancy when a miscarriage or some other injury to the fetus could result in murder or bodily injury charges?

The whole idea of fetus person hood gets the government into a very private and personal area. This extension of government and the law into a person’s private life and control of their own body is intolerable. Mommas and Daddies make babies or not and it is nobody else’s business what they do until after the birth of the baby when its existence and rights are obvious to everyone.

By: Matt Sun, 20 Sep 2009 00:18:04 +0000 People sometimes do not understand why those of us who oppose abortion see this as a civil rights cause.

Take our country’s past fight for the rights of blacks. At the time when this horrendous practice was taking place, many in society saw it as something unfortunate, but not morally wrong. Blacks were not allowed the rights in this country because they weren’t seen as having the same humanity based on something physical. Recognizing their personhood was the first step in pursuing their freedom.

Just because a person is physically different than us does not mean they have lesser rights. Those who are oppressed are most vulnerable and deserve protection from those of us who are able.