Comments on: Pope pleased by business ethics debate since his encyclical Religion, faith and ethics Sat, 23 Apr 2016 23:25:07 +0000 hourly 1 By: Ray Tapajna Tue, 29 Sep 2009 18:42:28 +0000 I thought it was going to be easier reveiwing Pope Bebedict’s economic encyclical but find myself reacting to it more than reveiwing it. It was much easier reviewing people like Alan Greenspan and his Age of Turbulence book and John Perkins’s book – Confessions of an economic hit man ( the latter is a must read prior to digesting the Pope’s encyclical. )

At Ray Tapajna Chronicles, since 1998, we forecasted the economic crisis for the past several years. Based on many experts in the field, it was very predictable. Our main sites are at rayed and a list or our sites are at

We also dedicated a site in exploring the latent response of religion and philosophy holding globalization and free trade as the main cause of our global economic crisis. We search into the meaning of the common good and how it applys in a global economic arena. We look into the ethics issue but its is difficult to develope properly when workers have no voice in the process of globalization and free trade. Elite groupings contol the value of work and have the commanding voice in most matters relating to human dignity in the work place. It seems ethics has to wait its turn for reforms. see

Sir James Goldsmith who wrote The Trap led the way years ago in a populist mode protesting the advances of globalization with its tools being free trade. Manuel Castells wrote several books related to the subject and predicted the Bewildered New World we have today vividly years ago. We have quoted him in many of our articles on several sites for years. As I read the encyclical, I had to wonder why the Pope is so late in responding to the Bewildered New World.

We had an article published on the Federal Trade Comission site in 1998 titled – If this is a good economy, I would hate to see a bad one. We updated it in 2001 and 2009 with only a few changes needed to the list of more than 30 points. see http://linkbun/ch/e8tt for all of these sites.

Now the term Globalization is on automatic with hardly anyone contesting its validity. We do not need any conspiracy theories to know, Globalization was designed and driven by powerful forces outside the will of the people. The term should be Globalism because it is a new ism that was announced by the elder President Bush when he announced a New World Order. He set a program down on paper and President Clinton came and activated the programs as if they were his own. Then President Bush the 2nd came and consummated the programs while he had the publics’s eye watching his shock and awe pre-emptive wars. President Obama follows and still has not challenged the process. He hides it behind the sensitive health care issue.