French Muslim soccer team refuses to play gays

October 6, 2009

footballAn amateur Muslim soccer team has provoked an outcry in France after refusing to play against a team which promotes homosexual rights and has gay players.

The Creteil Bebel Muslim team pulled out of its planned tie with Paris Foot Gay (PFG) at the weekend, saying it went against their religious beliefs to play against homosexuals.

The PFG said they would sue Creteil Bebel for homophobia, but the team defended the pullout, saying religious convictions were much more important than any sporting event.

“As a Muslim, I have the right not to play against homosexuals because I don’t share their ideas,” Zahir Belgarbi, one of the team directors, told France Bleu radio.

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What do you think about this? Should players’ beliefs make any difference on the field?

UPDATE: Creteil Bebel agreed several days later to play against Paris Foot Gay after all. “In no way is this a Muslim team,” said Creteil Bebel’s lawyer Bénédicte Puybasset. “Some members are Muslims but none are fundamentalists and some are not Muslim. It’s just a bunch of friends who like to play football after work.”

(Photo: Football at Chaban Delmas stadium in Bordeaux, 9 Aug 2009/Regis Duvignau)

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Would the Muslim team play against a team of Christians – after all, they “don’t share their ideas”, either. In fact, both teams would consider each other infidels/hell-bound non-believers, so it would seem somewhat inappropriate to engage in friendly sportsmanship. Or is it simply that some Muslims, like many Christians, pick and chose who to unleash their bigotry on?

Posted by andrew | Report as abusive

Since when is “homophobia” actionable, even in France?

Posted by Tim of Angle | Report as abusive

Yet another example of people justifying their bigotry with religion.

Posted by cheese | Report as abusive

They are wrong for this, and I tell you why. So would they play someone who drinks alcohol after the game, or a team, that one of the players has a live in girl friend. So what makes that sin any bigger than other sins.

It is ignorance gone to sea, and set sail.

Why not be a good witness to them when they play them….and pray for them
But they are going to pick one sin in the world to hold up in judgment, churches are just as guilty for this very thing

Dominick from
World School Of Prophecy & News Events

Posted by Dominick Villapiano | Report as abusive

This guy dominick is real pain from villa of count D. Add some humor to your post man… Enough of prayers of sin… pray something good like peace for all… The way you go you will beat the mulla who prays five times a day.

Posted by TNT BomBlastic | Report as abusive

What does sharia say when guys jump on the back after scoring a goal… Is this prohibited in Muslim team from France? Do they wear Sharia Clothes? Is the ball Sharia complaint? Is the land Sharia complaint where they live or they are making religious effort towards making France sharia complaint? If the land is not sharia complaint then do these guys exit to mecca?

Posted by Mecca Sheriff | Report as abusive

Just when you start to think theists are bigoted, hate-filled, self-rightious, medieval barbarians….

…Something like this happens to reinforce your opinion.

Posted by Hmmm | Report as abusive

This is an insult to the gays. I hope the gays rape these Muslims. If these guys can’t face gays it should be mandatory that these guys need to face gays only in all walks of life like, special gay police to deal with their problems, gay teachers, gay doctors etc. This is what the new Le Sharia of France says.

Posted by Uh Oh! Ouch!!! | Report as abusive

Every one hear have a different idea and i respect that. But some people insult me and my religious i don’t like that. my opinion is the Muslim team is free they can play with ever who want and they can not play if they don’t want to and the ”homo” team can do the same no group have to do something they don’t want/like. so leave them alone.

Posted by mohannad | Report as abusive

Christians have the right NOT to play muslim teams too, by the same token. Muslim beliefs are not permissable by Christians, and I dare any authority to say otherwise. This is not about race, before you liberal minded sickos get on your high horse. If it is good enough for muslims not to play a homo-friendly football team, then by the same token, it MUST be permissable for a Christian team not to play against muslims, as Halal methods of slaughter are not permissable by christians. Nor is the subjugation of women, smiteing the heads of infidels, whipping women for showing too much flesh, cutting off of the hands of thieves (including children), hanging homosexuals, shall I go on???

Posted by hewi05 | Report as abusive