Comments on: Pew maps the Muslim world Religion, faith and ethics Sat, 23 Apr 2016 23:25:07 +0000 hourly 1 By: TNT Blooms Mon, 12 Oct 2009 06:01:00 +0000 What if the population receded down to endangered species? Will it mean peace, food, environmental safety in the world? Do we need to make irresistible sexually arousing products which enhance the ultimate pleasure and cause decline in population?

By: Edwin Ali Sun, 11 Oct 2009 12:37:31 +0000 I seriously doubt this information. The CIA fact book had the Muslim population at 2.3 billion. Seems someone is trying to falsify history

By: paxglobal Sat, 10 Oct 2009 16:13:28 +0000 Hey Tess,
did you read your Bible?… here are some for you:
Jesus said
“Do not think that I have come to send peace on earth. I did not come to
send peace, but a sword. I am sent to set a man against his father, a
daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her
mother-in-law” (Matthew 10:34-35)

“I tell you that to everyone who has, more shall be given, but from the
one who does not have, even what he does have shall be taken away. But
these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring
them here and slay them in my presence.” (Luke 19:26-27)

# promotes honor killings (Deuteronomy 22:15-21 [stone to death], Leviticus 21:9, Judges 11:36-40, Genesis 34:1-31);
# Promotes suicide attack (Judges 16:27-30)
# Stone to death who worships other gods (Deuteronomy 17:2-5);
# Kill who becomes an apostate or a heretic who dissents (Deuteronomy 13:8-9, 1 Timothy 1:20)
# Kill who entice a friend or family member to worship other gods (Deuteronomy 13:6-10);
# Requires veiling for all women (1 Corinthians 11:5);
# Treats women unjustly (1 Corinthians 11:5 and 14:34, 1 Timothy 2:11, Ecclesiasticus 25:18-19 & 33, Ecclesiastes 7:26, Genesis 3:16 & 19:8 & 21:10, Leviticus 27:6, Numbers 27:8-11 & 30, Deuteronomy 21:10-13 & 25:5-10 & 22:13-21, Judges 19:16-30);
# Believes in gender inequality (1 Timothy 2:11, 1 Corinthians14:34);
# Allows polygamy ( Exodus 21:10; 2 Samuel 5:13; 1 Chronicles 3:19 and 14:3; 1 Kings 11:3; 2 Chronicles 11:21; Deuteronomy 21:15; Genesis 4:19 & 16:2);
# Encourages beheading of enemies (1 Chronicles 10:9; 2 Kings 6:31, 2 Samuel 4:7 and 20:21; 2 Kings 10:6);
# Allows the murder of civilians in wartime (1 Samuel 15:3 and 15:18, Ezekiel 9:4-7, Hosea 13:16, Numbers 31, Isaiah 13:9 and 15-18);
# Injustice to a rape victim (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)
# Kill who has sex outside of marriage (Leviticus 20:10-13,1 Corinthians 5:5);
# Promotes incest (Genesis 19:30-36, Genesis 35:22, Genesis 38:15-30, 2 Samuel 13:5-14, 2 Samuel 16:21-23)
# Pornography (Ezekiel 16:23-34, Ezekiel 23:1-35, Proverbs 7:7-22, Song of Songs 1:12-13, Song of Songs 3:1-4, Song of Songs 4:1-7, Judges 16:1)
# Kill anyone working on the Sabbath (Exodus 31:15);
# Kill who violates the Sabbath (Numbers 15:35, 15:36);
# Kill one who curses one’s parents (Leviticus 20:9):
# Stone to death the rebel against parents (Deuteronomy 21:18-21);
# Kill a witch, medium, or wizard (Exodus 22:18; Leviticus 20:27);
# Kill who engages in homosexual acts (Leviticus 20:13);
# Kill who is not a virgin on one’s wedding night (Deuteronomy 22:20-21);
# Kill who marry a foreigner (Numbers 25:6-9);
# Encourages killing of enemies – Numbers 33:50-52, Deuteronomy 2:33-36, 3:3-6 and 7:2) Luke 19:26-27);
# Encourages abandoning the sick (Numbers 5:1-4);
# Supports punishment for the sins of your ancestors (Numbers 14:18);
# Encourages war (Matthew 10:34);
# Promotes blood feuds (Numbers 35:19-21);
# Is anti-Semitic (1 Thessalonians 2:14-16, Micah3:1-12, Hosea 8:1-14, Matthew 23:13-39, Acts 2:23, 3:13-15);
# Promotes slavery (Ephesians 6:5, Deuteronomy 20:10);
# Sanction being sold into slavery as a punishment for theft (Exodus 22:1-3);
# Admits that their own texts have been falsified (Jeremiah 8:8);
# Demands unquestioning obedience to political authority (Romans 13:1);
# Advocates suicide (Samuel 31:4-5);
# Encourages the slaughter prisoners of war (Deuteronomy 7:1-2);
# Encourages killing of strangers (Numbers 1:51, 3:10, 3:38, 18:7);

By: Dawn of New Era Sat, 10 Oct 2009 05:44:32 +0000 there is enough happening on planet earth these days to provoke a healthy doubt, if not paranoia, about the true goal of Islam in the world.

There is no doubt about true goal of Islam which is rule of terror via Sharia Laws implemented by the likes of Talibanis and fire dousing by some religious preachers with web sites full of load of shits. Whether enough is being done to prevent is doubt able. People need to stand up and ask sissy politicos of world as to what are they doing to deal with the threat to world peace with the religious torch bearers who say this is the only way, no other way and deny right of existence to person holding to his belief of leading a peaceful and happy life.

The UN has got the habit to disappear under the skirt when it comes to dealing with terror being spread by the barbaric religious torch bearers, and their stone age sharia laws

By: Dayspring Sat, 10 Oct 2009 00:56:05 +0000 Islamaphobes? How many Baptists do we see hijacking commercial aircraft to fly in to Manhattan skyskrapers? How many Shakers were involved in the bombing of the USS Cole? Roman Catholics in the Beirut Marine Baracks bombing? Mormon shoe bombers? There is a plethora of of hate and violence being perpetrated around the globe by Islamic extremists While every adherent of Islam is certainly not responsible for the crimes of their lunatic fringes (anymore than the average Roman Catholic is for the plague of child molestation by a minority of priests that has come to light in recent years or the unconscionable bombings of abortion clinics) there is enough happening on planet earth these days to provoke a healthy doubt, if not paranoia, about the true goal of Islam in the world.

By: Q Marks? Fri, 09 Oct 2009 13:24:33 +0000 To Zoe Chastain

Are you sure about your interpretation of Koran… No God But God And Mhd Prophet… I heard the mental capacity of Muslims is severely limited to interpreting Koran the right way? Like what is no God but God?… Is there God or is it not there or nowhere? Or does it reside in a book, the only book, the true meaning of which is again severely debated? Why is it that in order to overthrow government in muslim world, a barbaric interpretation of Koran is needed and then to overthrow that barbaric government, a more severe barbaric interpretation is needed. Is barbarism the only thing that muslims understand and communicate?

Despite having the perfect equation like 0+0=0, it still comes to naught with mental capacity of guys like Al Quaeda?

By: Whali Fri, 09 Oct 2009 12:25:15 +0000 What about the people who say they are muslim, so they don’t end up being beaten late at night by armed men with black cloth around their faces?

Or the people who only go to pray each day because if they don’t, they get reported to the virtue police and punished?

Or the people in Afganistan who are required to be muslim, or they disappear and never get seen again?

Are they classified as muslims too?

By: HomDead Fri, 09 Oct 2009 11:30:08 +0000 Does this mean the number of chances of finding a human bomb amongst you is getting brighter by each night?

By: ZoeChastain Fri, 09 Oct 2009 10:42:53 +0000 In Islam, there is only one god, God (Allah). (Terms in parentheses are the Arabic words or names which are commonly used by Muslims). The Word of God has been presented to man by a succession of prophets, the greatest of whom are Abraham (Ibrahim), Moses (Musa), Jesus (Isa) and Mohammed (Muhammed). In the broadest sense, any person who sincerely says the Muslim declaration of faith (Shahada), “There is no god but God, and Muhammed is his prophet” (La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad rasul Allah) is a Muslim.

By: Anon Fri, 09 Oct 2009 07:55:59 +0000 There is one statistic not mentioned in this article.

“The number of muslim worshippers in a country compared to the average education level in that country.”

No doubt the data for such a study would interest all concerned.