U.S. Religious Left campaigns for climate change legislation

October 8, 2009

The U.S. “Religious Left” — which has been active at the grassroots level to support President Barack Obama’s drive for health care reform — has now launched a campaign in support his other major domestic initiative: climate change legislation.

Faithful America, a coalition of progressive evangelical, Catholic, mainline Protestant and Jewish groups, unveiled a video on Thursday urging viewers to “TELL CONGRESS: STOP CLIMATE CHANGE AND ITS EFFECTS.” The campaign is called Day Six.

You can see the video below:


A climate bill aimed at reducing America’s emissions of greenhouse gases linked to global warming is being crafted in the U.S. Senate. The House of Representatives earlier this year passed its own version.

The Day Six campaign also asks people to sign an online petition that urges senators to : “… support a climate bill that addresses the root causes of climate change and makes needed investments in vulnerable communities already experiencing its devastating effects.”

The organizers say that: “‘Day Six’ is a reference to the creation story in Genesis, when God made human beings stewards of creation.”

Many left-leaning and liberal groups of faith see a biblical imperative to curb the effects of climate change because poor and developing regions like Africa are seen bearing the brunt of its consequences. 


One the other side, the religious right — a loose network of conservative Christians that is a key Republican Party base — has been at the forefront of conservative efforts to rally public opposition to climate change legislation aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions linked to global warming.

 Conservative Christian radio stations have spent the summer saying its “cap and trade” provisions are the biggest tax increase in U.S. history.

Which side do you think will have its prayers answered?

(PHOTO: A buffalo skull is pictured in Lake Naivasha, Kenya, the only fresh water ecosystem in the eastern Rift Valley, June 4, 2009, which is drying up due to drought and other factors/ REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya ).  

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The truth shall set you free.
The lie that climate change action is expensive ignores the fact that NOT acting is even more expensive, and will hurt the world’s poor the most.

Any religious person left, right or center, ought to consider the least of us in their concerns, no?

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We had the “Doctors for Obama” rolled out this week,perhaps it will be “The religious for Obama next week”.”The left -leaning liberal groups of faith”see a biblical imperative or interpretation to suit anything that they think to be progressively fashionable to suit their lifestyle or political fancies.The doctors were marched out white coats supplied,I can visualize Obama handing out the “dog collars”as they parade past “thank you my son”.

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let’s stop the foot dragging!

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This is nuts. This is science, not religion, and religion only muddles an already badly muddled debate. Occasionally religious leaders have a place in the public arena, for instance to represent otherwise disfranchised people – the Southern Christian Leadership Council, for instance – but otherwise religious people should stay in their temples and pray or jump around or do whatever they do, and not bother the intelligent minority who are trying to figure this problem out.

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[…] Reuters: “The U.S. ‘Religious Left’ — which has been active at the grassroots level to support President Barack Obama’s drive for health care reform – has now launched a campaign in support his other major domestic initiative: climate change legislation.” […]

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