Muslim creationism is back in the news, this time in Egypt

November 16, 2009

darwinm-portraitMuslim creationism is back in the news. There’s been a spate of articles in the U.S. and British press recently about the spread of this scripture-based challenge to Darwinian evolution among Muslims, mostly in the Middle East but also in Europe. The fact that some Muslims have embraced creationism, a trademark belief of some conservative American Protestants, is not new. Reuters first wrote about it in 2006 — “Creation vs. Darwin takes Muslim twist in Turkey” – and this blog has run several posts on the issue, including an interview with Islam’s most prominent creationist, Harun Yahya. What’s new is that these ideas seem to be spreading and academics who defend evolution are holding conferences to discuss the phenomenon.

(Photo: Portrait of Charles Darwin, 12 Feb 2009/Gordon Jack)

There are too many recent articles about Islamic creationism out there now to discuss each one separately, so I’ll have to just link to them in the … New York TimesWashington PostBoston GlobeSlateGuardianNational Beliefnet … … Many of these articles highlight the role of Harun Yahya, the once secretive Istanbul preacher and publisher who has gone on a PR offensive in recent years and turned very media-friendly (as Steve Paulson describes in that Slate article). But as Michael Reiss, a London education professor and Anglican priest told the Guardian, “what the Turks believe today is what the Germans and British believe tomorrow. It is because of the mass movement of people between countries. These things can no longer be thought of as occurring in other countries.”

Harun Yahya, 21 May 2008/Osman Orsal

(Photo: Harun Yahya, 21 May 2008/Osman Orsal)

Over the weekend, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt hosted a conference on “Darwin’s Living Legacy: An International Conference on Evolution and Society” with the British Council. The simple fact of holding a conference on Darwin in the heart of the Middle East, where his theory of evolution is widely rejected, is already noteworthy. According to the Guardian‘s Riazat Butt, Nidhal Guessoum, professor of physics and astronomy at the American University of Sharjah, told the conference that only three Muslim or Muslim-majority countries out of a possible 22 taught evolution. Another participant, astronomer Salman Hameed, who is professor of integrated science & humanities from Hampshire College in Massachusetts, wrote on his informative science-and-religion blog Irtiqa: “It is incredible that this conference is taking place in Egypt. I don’t know what will be the reaction here. Simply by its location, it may remove some of the stigma regarding evolution in the Muslim world, or it may end up generating a backlash. Frankly, I have no idea about the reaction.”

In an update on Sunday, Hameed wrote: “There have been some anti-evolutionary comments made in the sessions that dealt with religion and evolution – but overall, the reception seems to have been quite positive – both in Egyptian newspapers and among the local participants.”


(Photo: Salman Hameed/Irtiqa)

As a example of what they’re up against, another participant was Zaghloul El-Naggar, a leading proponent of the theory that the Koran foresaw scientific theories and discoveries, including the Big Bang and a possible cure for AIDS. He was quoted prominently in a recent Al-Jazeera report on the discovery of the 4.4 million year old skeleton known as Ardipithicus or “Ardi.” The report claimed that the find disproved Darwinian evolution — the opposite of what scientists said about the spectacular discovery of the most complete early hominid specimen we have.  The report only appeared in Al-Jazeera’s Arabic-language television channel, which is very popular in the Middle East, and not in its English-language broadcast. “The presence of El-Naggar totally polarized the debate and evoked an equally polarizing reaction from the audience,” wrote Hameed, who promised further posts from the conference ending today.

Last month, Hameed’s Hampshire College hosted a conference on Darwin and Evolution in the Muslim World. Webcasts of presentations there can be found on the conference website.

What do you think? Is the spread of creationism among Muslims a matter for concern? Is it the same as the battle between creationism and science in Christianity?

Here’s the video of the Al-Jazeera report, with subtitles in English added by critics of its presentation:

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Why are Darwinist so afraid of other points of view? Darwin’s theory is just that, a theory, and it needs a leap of faith to believe that we have descended from apes. So when we are presenting one view (i.e. that we somehow evolved), why not let other theories same space?

Posted by Jimmy Khan | Report as abusive

Darwinists are not afraid of anything. It is science versus myth. The islamists should come up with a better theory if they can, otherwise save the world your uncivilized reactions. the west made mistakes ceturies ago but they ‘evolved’ in their way of thinking and science became independant of the church, now muslims are lagging behind because they think the west owe’s them an explanation, well civilized people do not owe bearded camal riders anything, its a choice they make. put some hypothesis try to prove it in a scientific ethical manner, if it proves true congratulations you have solved the riddle of evolution.

Posted by Hany | Report as abusive

my previous comment was removed (moderated), so I’ll try to make it less offensive. What is the goal of this conference? is it to tell an assembly of scientists and islamists that they can meet in the middle?who is the islamic authority that attended the conference? If this islamic authority figure conceded does that mean that evolution and all other contraversial issues will be taught in the muslim world from now on?

Posted by Hany | Report as abusive

Mr Adnan Oktar has destroyed the evolution theory, i read his atlas of creation very good book. greats from germany

Posted by benjamin behrendt | Report as abusive

A year ago i received the great book-Atlas Of Creation. I used to believe that there was sth like evolution Because I have never thought about it entirely. But when I think about the complexity of the creations I figured out the evolution idea cant be true. Evolutionists has been digging the ground for a century. So far they havent even found a single proof- a transitional form-. all the fossils have been found are the proof the perfect creation of Allah. People should stop insisting bout it. And accept the truth.

Posted by Vanessa | Report as abusive

@Harry … lets’ go beyond our prejudices :-). For Darwinism to be considered “science” it needs to stand to the test of proper scientific proof. The current explanation of the origin of life is no better than the myth that you attribute to the creation. Yes, I can see how some characteristics of the life forms may have changed over time due to the environment, but there is no clear proof of the whole sale changes in the life form. Even if we accept that, there is no proof that the complexity that a single cell contains is a result of random interaction of molecules. So it comes down to which explanation are you going to put your *faith* in.

Posted by Jimmy Khan | Report as abusive

I agree with Hany’s 8:07 comment. In this situation the evolutionists aren’t afraid of opposing points of view, they’re afraid of suicide bombers appearing in college lecture halls. They afraid of the adherents of the so-called religion of peace.

Political correctness gone mad. All points of view are NOT equal and giving equal time (and creedence) to primitive superstition does not bode well for the future of civilization. Being ignorant and proud of it, denying reality because of faith- these are not the hallmarks of an intelligent species. You may choose to believe whatever fairy tale you wish; just don’t impose it on me or anyone else capable of rational thought.

Posted by jaycee | Report as abusive

I really don’t care too much what religious people think about Darwinism, let alone muslims. Once their minds are made up there’s no use trying to confusing them with the facts!The real problem is religious fanaticism. “These” people are never to be trusted regardless of their religion. After all, how many people have been killed in the name of God as opposed to being killed in the name of Darwin?The answer speaks for itself.

Posted by James | Report as abusive

Jimmy,I don’t think you understand the scientific meaning of the word theory, this may help. tionary/entry/theoryDarwin's theory is a proven thing and works. After well over a century of other scientists trying to prove it wrong, it still holds as valid. The other “theories” that you refer to really don’t match the definition and exist not as a way of understanding anything but for pushing an agenda, which is why the supporters of the proven theory attack it. Bad science is when you have an already preordained conclusion and perform research for the basis of trying to show that your conclusion is true. It makes the whole of the research essentially worthless. So let me ask you this: Why are you afraid of accepting the fact that evolution is a proven and relevent theory?

Posted by steve f | Report as abusive

This makes little sense. If the Muslims say this old skeleton disproves Darwin’s theory, but this creature was a human ancestor, that obviously means they are saying we are descended from a human-like creature of a different species than our own, which in fact does prove Darwin’s theory. Their argument is so flimsy it is almost like an attempt at humor.

Posted by Barbara | Report as abusive

That the Muslims embrace creationism is hardly a surprise. That they may be opening up to evolution as another view of how we all got here is, a bit. But it is a healthy sign that maybe they’ll start opening up to other ideas than those espoused by the fanatic, fringe imams, and teaching their children, more on a par with the rest of the world, by which I do NOT mean only the west but all the rest of the world, in which education is seen as important to progress and prosperity. Not all the Muslim-dominant nations are so closed to real education, but enough are, and that’s just sad for them all!

Between the Darwinists, the Neo-Darwinists and the Not-Neo-Darwinists Anymore undercutting each other, it is only a matter of time before the classic concept of minerals-to-man evolution goes the way of the Dodo all on its own. That approach to things is moot. Real scientists will continue to sort out exactly how DNA, mutation, copy-errors and even epigenetics work to change lifeforms from generation to generation, and exactly how far they have been changed or can be changed via these routes. This, while the hardcore, old-school, Darwinian ideologues fade into obscurity, relics of a simpler time. Creationists of various sorts and ID proponents will gain ground, probably even mysticism of various other types will, as well. There is nothing the man-to-minerals evolutionist can do. He is irrelevant, and only held on to the science so hard because it fed his atheism anyway. The question is what brand of Creationist will he become when his intellectual barriers to it crumble beneath actual scientific thought . . . or will his pride cause him to fail to make the leap at all.

Posted by Robert Wolfe | Report as abusive

Jimmy, take out a dictionary, and check out the SEVERAL meanings of the word ‘theory’. Better yet, go to your local university, and ask scientists what they understand by a “theory”. In the mean time, let me just say that gravity is also called a “theory”, but I hope you understand that there is no debate whether things fall or not.Evolution is a scientific theory, which does mean it is open to debate. However, there is no reason to doubt the fundamental ideas of that theory. In fact, it is obvious evolution has to happen: all that evolution says is that if something exists today, it is because it had the right qualities for it to have survived yesterday. Also, evolution has been observed countless times in laboratories, as well as in the spread of human viruses. Denying it is ignorant. If you don’t understand evolution, read about it!God is not an alternative to evolution. Religion does not provide us with a theory. All religious fairy-tales are just that–stories with zero evidence. They have nothing to say to science, and that is why all scientists should (and do) ignore them.Religion is only a hindrance to progress, and everybody will be better off once religion disappears completely–hopefully it will some time soon.

Posted by Tibi | Report as abusive

Just a note morons. NO-ONE has destroyed the evolution FACT.(i say fact because you people seem unable to grasp that the word “theory” in science has a complete different meaning to the word “theory” that you low IQ common folk use).Talk to a geneticist. That’s the best proof of all for you that we now KNOW evolution is a fact and DOES occur. Looking at DNA we have basically put the nail in the coffin to those nay-sayers of evolution. but they STILL go on and on and on beacuse they are clearly too stupid to understand the proof.We had plenty of evidence before, but genetics has really just finalised this.From the fact people STILL doubt evolution (morons, i know) we can assertain that some people are just NEVER going to believe. Not because it isnt convoncing and TRUE, but because it goes against what they have grown up believing and they are too stubborn to think that they are wrong about that.There is nothing we can do about it. Lets just stop helping them with medical science, since a lot of its discoveries, principles and treatments are developed from an understanding of evolutionary science. After all. “evolution isnt real”….fine. believe that then get the HELL out of our hospitals you idiots.

Posted by Kam | Report as abusive

Be careful when using the “just a theory” argument on evolution. “Gravity” is also “just a theory”, but gravity doesn’t go against religious views, doesn’t rub people’s back in the wrong way. The reason why it’s concerning for scientists is the fact that important parts of biology are built on evolution, and the attitude of “because God made it so” will prevent scientific advancement.

Posted by Calvin | Report as abusive

Mr Adnan Oktar’s ideas are garbage, backed up with a pile of crap. If you actually believe anything this idiot says you are clearly uneducated and most likely bordering on severe mental illness.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

The Evolution Theory is evolving into a dogmatic religion with followers are blindly defending it without any tolerance. It is ironic how the followers of Darwin are becoming so fundamentalist in defending their “Religion”. The existing of God or A Supreme Being doesn’t prevent scientific advancement. It is only in our minds. Unfortunately, this is what we inherited from the Dark Ages of Europe when the Catholic Church rules with fire and steel to prevent any scientific advancement fearing that science will threaten their position. Sadly enough, the western world today sees every religion as the religion of that church.

Posted by Mohamed | Report as abusive

@ jimmy khan”The current explanation of the origin of life is no better than the myth that you attribute to the creation.”this is a common mistake that non-evolustionists make. evolution is NOT the theory of “origin of life”. it is the theory of how life evolved. and it is better than the myth of your creation. just look at what MAN has accomplished in the world. i do not see the hand of god. do some reading.”Yes, I can see how some characteristics of the life forms may have changed over time due to the environment, but there is no clear proof of the whole sale changes in the life form.”again, the fossil record speaks for itself. they have also just discovered a species of butterfly that is evolving as they watch it into 2 seperate species. there is proof, you just don’t understand it or refuse to accept it.”Even if we accept that, there is no proof that the complexity that a single cell contains is a result of random interaction of molecules.”again, it comes down to another common mistake. it is not random in the common parleyance of the word. it is random in the sense that which adaptation/mutation is going to be successful in a paticular environment. again, do some reading, take some classes.”So it comes down to which explanation are you going to put your *faith* in.”i’m going to put my faith in science. it’s proven to be very effective in my book.the difference between my science and your religion, is that my science is self-correcting. your religion is not. that is where exrtemisim comes from.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

Again we have the evolution-bashers try and say since we haven’t proved abiogenesis (the creation of living material from nonliving), then evolution (the change of genetic material over time) is wrong.Calvin: unfortunately, the “theory of gravity” does rub people the wrong way. Cf. Inteligunt Falling 2

Posted by Anonymous | Report as abusive

First of all I’d like to point out that no matter what religion you believe in…………….we’re all going to hell. Why? Because every religon says that “if you don’t believe in what we do, your going to hell. So no matter what, we’re all going to hell. How about just one person, a religious person, any religion, give’s proof, documentable proof, that their “higher being” (Crist, Budda, Krishna, Mohammed, etc.) stopped by today for a cup of (tea, beer, Tequila, holy water, etc.) and will show us the photos. In other words, no religon can be anything more than a leap of faith (or an intense brain washing than started when a person was 2 years old). Face it everybody, you have no “proof” that any of your religous beliefs are fact. You have a book, written by men hundreds of years after the fact. Hell, you can’t even tell a joke and expect it to be verbatim 3 or 4 levels down. The bible was written 500 years after Jesus was here. The Koran was writtn 300 years later. Do you really want to base your life on “hearsay” of hundreds of years old, translated a hundred time. I don’t care what religon you are, but your “belief” that it is absolutely correct is an error. Join in on the brain washing or find your own path, but don’t continue killing people because of your “beliefs”. Take a good look, then be your own man (or woman) but don’t let someone elses belief guide yours. Tha is just plain stoopid.

Posted by Robert Uranium Foreal | Report as abusive

Please forgive my ignorance on this subject. But if humans were truly brought about by creationism, does that mean that we sort of Big Banged into existence?

First of all , most people dont know the difference between a Scientific theory and just the word theory….theres a whole lotta difference,like Calvin said, if people have a problem with evolution theory(i dont get why every1s using Darwinist’s and Darwins theory) then people should have problems with the theory of gravity and atomic theory and 100′s of other theories….let me tell a gist about what a scientific theory is…1st of all , people see evidence , then they ask why this evidence is here and what it represents…then they develop a hypothesis (an idea) of whats happening and test the hypothesis to see if it fits with evidence seen, if it does, then we improve upon the hypothesis with other hypothesis and see if it fits the evidence , if it doesnt , then that hypothesis is thrown and another is thought upon….this goes on and on till we can define what actually is happening with the said evidence , and this is how a scientific theory is made…so what scientific theory is a set of words that defines how a said process is taking place and explains how it is done, why it is done etc….in another words, evolution is a fact and the evolution theory just explains how evolution works , just like gravity is a fact and how the theory of gravity explains how gravity works….for those people who says that evolution doesnt have any proof , are just either 1)ignorant 2) lying to themselves 3)adament to not believe in evolution so that they turn a blind eye to the proof of evolution because accepting evolution would mean thyr own beliefs would take a beatingthere are innumerable proof for evolution, and just coz of this proof, if there wasnt proof, then there wont be an evolution theory….and to clear things up, everyone is entitled to theyr own beliefs , but i dont respect people who are purposefully dishonest and try to disprove evolution with lies , saying there is no proof and all that,

Posted by Ryan | Report as abusive

“So far they havent even found a single proof- a transitional form” Countless transitional forms have been found. Another myth of creationists.

Posted by abdul jabar | Report as abusive

Reply to JamesNovember 17th, 20092:19 am GMT”After all, how many people have been killed in the name of God as opposed to being killed in the name of Darwin?”James have you ever taken a close look at Hitler and how evolution played into his ideas of the “master race”?

Posted by PTyson | Report as abusive

“So far they havent even found a single proof- a transitional form-. all the fossils have been found are the proof the perfect creation of Allah.”- Vanessa.There are countless transitional forms. Try doing some research. Creationist arguments are all based on ignorance.

Posted by heath herring | Report as abusive

As an architect I can assure you that complexity is not a sign of the divine hand. Complexity is easy. What is hard, and generaly considered a sign of the divine by designers, is a simple concept that works to solve every situation that comes up. To be able to set up a system that doesn’t need “divine intervention” to keep it going is the truest proof of divinity.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Nothing to worry about, just some muslim fundamentalists taking notes from christian fundamentalists.Who cares what fundamentalists think honestly? As long as they keep to themselves and don’t start strapping bombs to their chests it all gravy. They believe a story made up a few thousand years ago about some dude in the sky telling everyone how it is they got enough problems already.Oh yea and if God is so perfect, and we are made in his image and all that jazz, why do we have a tailbone? So perfect but we got a tail bone and no tail……

Posted by Moose | Report as abusive

Darwin’s theory actually reinforces the proof for God’s existence. so does Einstein’s description of light. the religious right simply demonstrates their narrow view and broad paranoia be they “Christian” or “Muslim”. the Imams and Evangelicals are the exact same people with no other resource but to kill you if you disagree with their self serving pronouncements. i don’t have a birth certificate either…….

Posted by felix random | Report as abusive

The difference between science and religion is this:The Scientist finds a thousand thousand pieces of evidence, and still he searches for further proof.The Religious demand belief of something that not only has not one piece of evidence, but a thousand thousand disproofs.Even not picking a side is picking a side.

A theory is a set of concepts supported by data sufficient to confirm to the majority of scientists who are conversant with the material to be considered expert in it.Evolution is such a theory. It was pretty well proven on first publication and all arguments to the contrary have a very large public of acceptance to overcome. Especially is this true of the ravings of one who was self-declared a mental defective who heard voices in his mind. Today we put these people in institutions and give them drugs to keep them quiet. We do not kill people in their name.

Name an equation from the theory of evolution. Tell me a URL where I can buy a set of transitional fossils. Describe what could be found to disprove evolution. Why did Gould proposed punctuated equilibrium in 1972 after decades of “evolution is proved”? Explain why the top scientists are using very guarded words; while letting the media and general population continue to think everything is alright. Trace a media story back to the actual scientific journal paper and see if the scientist author gave the same “debate is over” message. You won’t hear the top brains using such guaranteed “I’m sure” language as the evolution believers on the internet. Here is the unwrapping of the logic of the name callers: Science deals only with the material. Anything not in the material realm is not science. If you don’t stick with science you are stupid. If the truth happens to be outside the material realm, please join me in believing the untruth.

Posted by moreparsimony | Report as abusive

I’m not going to argue the evolution vs creationism debate, but I do have a comment: Scientific theory will only be hindered by spewing hatred and harsh words. If don’t agree with their point of view, great. But don’t create all kinds of drama around yourself by getting on your high horse. Everyone who has an opinion about something will be wrong at some point in their lifetime.

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

Jimmy,The very first thing you need to accept if you want to discuss the origin of species with any “Darwinist” as you call us is accept that the origin of species (or rather any of the world’s natural phenomena) are not a matter of opinion or point of view. You can’t start a scientific discussion saying “I believe that…”. No, you don’t believe, you either have evidence pointing in a direction or you don’t.Otherwise conversations just get silly. I’ll show you what I mean:I believe the internet is not powered by computers, bits and bytes and electrons, but by magic. In fact, I believe Jimmy Khan is not a real person but God himself (who created the internet) having a discussion with us.

Posted by javi | Report as abusive

Hey Karl Thoennes,You better see the religion (Islam) and then say, if it is a religion of peace or not.. I read and I know, it is..Hitler, killed thousands of people, do you think christianity teaches him that but he said, I am doing this for God.. So, better check the essence of a religion on your own before pointing a finger to the religion itself. some terrorist saying, that we are killing innocent are JERKs and they actually don’t know their own peaceful religion. The Holy Book, Koran said, ‘Killing of a person is a killing of humanity’. Do you still say, its just a so-called religion of peace. You better check it out on your own.. Thanks.

Posted by Haider | Report as abusive

In an earlier comment, James writes “After all, how many people have been killed in the name of God as opposed to being killed in the name of Darwin?”Unfortunately, Darwin’s ideas also led to a major intellectual eugenics movement in the early part of the 20th century which contributed both to forced sterilization policies in the United States and to Nazi justifications for concentration camps.Both the concept of a god or gods and the concept of evolution are subject to many philosophical interpretations, some benevolent and others malevolent.(Please note, This refers only to the philosophies/ or political significances associated with evolution, not to its viability for predicting the conditions under which a virus will mutate or for explaining how we are physiologically related to other primates. I do not mean to suggest that its historical relation to eugenics somehow disproves biological models of evolution.)

Posted by armadillo | Report as abusive

For those who are under the misimpression that we do not see the process of evolution–I am afraid you have been misinformed.Evolution is visible, at the expected rates, and in the expected ways, wherever it is looked for. We don’t see organisms evolving at thousands of times their natural speed for the same, very practical reasons that a person cannot have a kid of his own when he is 5 minutes old.Look, it is simple fact that genetic mutations can produce changes in the characteristics of an organism. And it is simple fact that, given their genetic differences, different individuals are not equally well equipped to face life’s challenges. That’s called selection.” When the same selective forces work on a population for many generations, certain genetic variations will be favored–healthy individuals will have lots of healthy offspring, and the healthiest will be the ones with the useful genetic variant. If you understand that this process happens, then you understand how evolution works.Of course there is also an element of “dumb luck.” A population can be cut down to a small number of individual by a chance event. (Think of a volcano wiping out most of the mice on an island, for example. The mice die if they’re caught in the lava, regardless of what genes they might have.) An event like a volcano gives an artificial boost to the genes in the few mice that survive by accident–the mice that were not caught in the lava. Their genes will be the new “normal” genes for that species of island mice.If you want to see the hand of God in random events, like which mice survive a volcano, that doesn’t change the concept of evolution. If you want to see the had of God in the mutations that change our genes in our reproductive cells, or in the selection that tends to spare invidivuals with certains traits, plenty of biologists would say that you are welcome to do so. (Other biologists, as well as quite a few Chemists, Physicists and statisticians would disagree, but that’s a separate argument.)In short, it’s simple ignorance to question whether or not evolution happens–it does happen, and we see it happen all around us. It’s just as ignorant to question whether evolution has left clear traces in the genetic record and the fossil record and the developmental record. There are literally billions of separate bits of evidence in the genetic record, and hundreds of thousands in the fossil record. The Muslim world may be divided on the issue, but it may be useful to point out that after a history of ridiculing Darwin, the Catholic church now have become Darwinists–their official position is that evolution is the only scientifically rigorous, evidence-based, logical explanation for life as we know it.If you prefer to believe that God takes great delight in leading us into error by creating several billion different bits of evidence for something that never happened, at the same time that he created the world, you can believe that. But it’s not a logical argument. (I refer here to the billions of bits of information that make up the patterns of “silent” genetic differences and the patterns of modified gene regulation, which have no functional explanation beyond “having descended from a common ancestor.”)By the same argument, God could have created all of us yesterday, along with all the books and buildings, and all of our memories of past events. I’m betting that most Christians, most Muslims, and most theists of any sort would not recognize or admire or worship a “God of deceit.”Regardless, even if you do believe everything was created in a day, or seven days, or some other brief period, you owe it to yourself and to your God to try to appreciate the exquisite patterns set out in our DNA, as well as in the fossil record. Those patterns confirm, again and again, the “cousin-like” nature of different species. If all of that information represents little details of a one-time miracle, rather than shared descent, then God must really have wanted to make a point. I know creationists who argue that God knew that when we had the technology to destroy the world, we’d also have the technology to see and appreciate the coded “message” that God left in the genes and genomes of all the living beings in the world. And the message was, “God say to recognize all of us as as family.”That’s not a “scientific” conclusion (because it incorporates miracles) but it is a way of thinking that can help creationists aproach and appreciate the richness of biological information around us, instead of blocking out that information on the mistaken assumption that learning about it must run counter to faith.

Posted by Joy S. | Report as abusive

I wonder how many of the proponents of creationism on this comment forum here have the same i.p. address.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

All I gotta say in the end is that dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark ok guys. icles/2000/04/03/dinosaurs-on-noahs-arkB TW to all you not Christians who also believe in creationism, we believe very similar things but you are all ignorant cause I am right ok? WE CHRISTIANS ARE TEH GWETEST.

Posted by Mitch | Report as abusive

A religion denying evolution happens has proven right away that the religion is wrong on one count.Why should any one take anything the religion says seriously after that?I guess this proves it. God does not inspire the imams, the preachers, or any others who do not recognize the obvious truth of evolution.I don’t know if there is a God or not, but one thing I do know….these religions are getting no divine knowledge.

Posted by blackarrow | Report as abusive

Seriously, has no one here taken any sort of science class? Gravity and evolution are FACTS. I mean like scientifically, they are classified as facts. They are an observable reality. The theory of evolution and the theory of gravity describe methods through which these facts come to be. Evolution is a certifiable truth. The only thing about it up for debate is how evolution, well, evolves. This is what makes the whole concept of arguing over the existence of evolution so hilarious to me.

Posted by Connor | Report as abusive

These theologians…clerics.. of whatever faths.. Take note :Let us assume there is a creator… you must have also faith on the same creator : god, or allah of certain characteristics..To Christian, your god ( i.e. your creator, you call LORD ) must have come go this world 2009 years ago without biological father…To Muslim, your god ( allah, or whatever you call him ) must be the same creator who gave you all the messages through Mohd….To Jewish faith… your god ( i.e. your creator whose name is so holy you cannot even call him…but as Adonai.. ) gave you your great ancestral father Abraham with covenant of rainbow..Damn it ! why you have to argue, discuss about, or even attack Darwin when this man just tried to explain how all the species come about…He did not even give this nature a mystical name…His book is named ” Orign of Species “.. He did not say ” Origin of Man ” !!Can’t you see ? how can you say the buffalo evolved from the cattle that gives your milk… polar bear evolved from brown bear in tropical jungle… Evidences aplenty to show they share the same ancestors — that is what evolution of Darwin is trying to say !If you have faith on a creator with characteristics,… with a story given to you, told by someone ( Jesus, Mohd. Moses, etc ).. re-told endless times by clerics, YOUR Creator…. SO BE IT !! Don’t start to argue or attack !!

Posted by Lo HS | Report as abusive

It is very typical of the Darwinist to try to abuse those who try to challenge their belief system. The posts here prove that. I understand what the theory is but most Darwinist take this theory as some kind of fact. If the theory has ample proof, then why are we still looking for the “missing link”?Recently I talked to a physics doctorate student at a leading university in US. He is the one who said his professors would laugh at him if he brought evidence like those of Darwin to prove his hypothesis.In any case, let us assume that life forms do get better and better with time. Does anyone know of any life form that has achieved the state of immortality? The basic instinct of each life form is to survive. One would think that after these billions of years of “evolution” some form of life might have developed a genetic form that would not die.

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It saddens me to see so many ad hominem attacks coming from people who purport themselves to be advocates of rational thought. There is no reason that religion and science should clash, and there have been periods in the history of both Christianity and Islam when science and religion lived side-by-side. When one makes an absolute claim on Truth or Fact, it polarizes the issue and blinds us to the reality that science and religion exist for fundamentally different reasons. Science can no more tell us how to deal with suffering than religion can tell us how our bodies work. This rabid anti-truth creationism is not only bad for science, it is bad for religion.

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It is very important for us to understand where/what we came from so we can understand our on going evolution. And for that there should be a differentiation between something we believe and something we know.Scientists are always ready to debate in a constructive manner which anyone from a religious school of thought will never do. The only time they explain their views is when they are making propaganda videos/news for their own channels.I still believe in freedom of speech for everyone although it scares me to death knowing what kind of narrow minded people walk this planet. We are here and this happened indecently/accidentally no matter how badly you want this to be for a divine purpose. Or maybe i just don’t get it.

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I suppose Islam/Christianity has a valid explanation for Dinosaurs then too? Or do they just say fossils aren’t millions of years old? Even better my in-laws argue that dinosaurs never existed.Physical proof coupled with scientific theory explains evolution quite nicely in my books thanks.

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I live in Egypt, and I feel excited that this kind of conference has been held in Alexandria. The vast majority of the people I meet believe that evolution is a fallible myth created by the decadent “West” or if they smart enough they’d say “okay, maybe it did happen but not for humans”. It pisses the hell out of me! I hope that our societies begin to evolve in my lifetime. Corruption and authoritarianism are key obstacles.I also want to mention that there wasn’t a lot of coverage for this conference and although I follow news, I haven’t heard about it until it was done!

Don’t you know MG? God has placed fossils in soil of the earth as a test of our faith!It’s absolutely ridiculous right? But it’s actually what some people believes.

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I am well (university) educated born and raised in London UK. Despite being a Muslim, i was raised in largely a secular family, or at least one which does not practice all aspects of the faith in the traditional manner. My father bought us “Joy of Knowledge” Encyclopedia as children where I read about Evolutionary Theory and later studied as part of double science GCSE in which I scored a double A grade. Popular beleif would hold that anyone with a faith is ignorant in matters of science, wheras I have found it is more likely the opposite. I read and accepted Islam on merit, not because it was forced upon me. I know many White, British educated professionals and academics who have converted to Islam on merit, and others who have at least admitted that beleive without any doubt 75% or more of everthing they have read in the Quran.Just look at the level of stress you see on the faces of the proponents of this theory and their intolerance toward faith, and hence how they will work tirelessly to attempt to prove on scientific grounds the Theory of Evolution. A theory is what it is.More often than not, and I have even experienced this with members of my own family, these prople are extremely intolerant of any faith, moreseo than the degree to which any faithful person is intolerant of an Atheist.Just remember one of the major tenets of this theory;Chance (random) mutations giving rise to competitive advantage, improved mating success etc (haha) so much so to cause huge variation of the species even if it is argused that this is gradual.Evolutionary theorists often say “Evolution creates the illusion of intelligent design” This is because somewhere deep down, they are suspicious of their own convictions, and upon examining the many complex features of all organisms, are in awe of the sophistication, which they cannot attribute to chance mutations.What about the missing links? Ask the Palientologists for evidence of evolution, and they will state categorically that it does not exist. Ask for even a handfull of fossils or the like showing a clear progession between single cell organsims, and say even a cat, and they will not be able to show you any.Evolutionary theorists THEORY is just that. A THEORY dont accept it as fact until you have done your own thorough research. Muslims beleive in man’s free will to make his own decisions.One last thought; Could not the similarity or anthropological connections in living organisms suggest that they have common creator , just as they may suggest a common ancestry?

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All religions in the world, since the pharos and early days of human beings on earth, were based on controlling the masses, controlling people and what their thoughts.I believe that religion should let go of the people\’s minds and thoughts, and let them search for what makes them happy and what makes sense to them as individuals.Now, if religion is correct about what they say, they should not be afraid on their existence since God would be leading humans to salvation.Just give people their freedom of thoughts, and lets wait and see what will happen. Instead of being living in fear, lets live in freedom.Now, regarding Darwin\’s evolution theory, it all makes sense. everything points out the random/logic stages of evolution. We are living in evolution in our daily life, but the evolution that changed humans from their past for to their present form took ages to happen. Lets just see what will happen after ages to come.Thank you.!!!

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