Sudanese woman in trouser case writes book, defies travel ban

November 24, 2009

lubnaA Sudanese woman who was punished for breaching (insert: what authorities say are) Islamic decency laws by wearing trousers has defied a travel ban by coming to France to publicise her new book.

Lubna Hussein was arrested in July and convicted of indecency charges in a case that made headlines worldwide. She was ordered to pay a fine or face a month in jail, but was spared an initial penalty of 40 whip lashes.

Her book, “Forty lashes for a pair of trousers”, has come out in French and will be translated into English, Arabic, Swahili and other languages.

(Photo: Lubna Hussein in Khartoum, 31 July, 2009/Mohamed Nureldin Abdallh)

Thousands of women have been convicted of offences similar to Hussein’s and sentenced to beatings in recent years under Sudan’s Islamic decency regulations.

“This law and practice deform the image of Islam. No one has been able to find a text in the Koran which justifies flogging a woman for the way she is dressed,” Hussein, wearing mauve trousers and jacket, told Reuters in an interview in Paris.

Read the whole interview here.

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FYI: The original post referred to “Islamic” decency laws without stating right away that the Sudanese authorities say they are based on Islam but Lubna Hussein, as her quote shows, disagrees. The insert makes this clear.

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Lubna should have been listed as one of 500 most influential Muslims. She could have represented all Sudanese women:

Posted by Sean Brooks | Report as abusive

“Lubna should have been listed as one of 500 most influential Muslims. She could have represented all Sudanese women:”Strange..someone who does not want to live according to Islam is being touted as someone who could represent Sudanese Muslim women..You need a course in theology to understand that Islam is not a religion which tolerates its adherents create their own rules.

Posted by Ahmad | Report as abusive

Lubna should be appreciated for her bravery. She is representing all the Sudanese women.

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I think Lubina is another cheap output who is more after easy money. I bet the next step she would be having is to stake claim for nationality/ protection of any nation where good people reside. If she is really honest then she would be leading a revolution in Sudan… And if she is honest, world will know how innocent people, even if they are muslims, are subjected to torture, murder, rape, genocide by the likes of Ahmad.

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I looked all over google for this story!! Thanks for the info..pfff! :)

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