Nepal Hindu temple conducts biggest animal sacrifice on earth

November 25, 2009

sacrificeAt least 15,000 buffalo and “countless” goats and birds were sacrificed in a temple in southern Nepal on Wednesday in a ritual billed as the single biggest animal slaughter on earth.

Hindus in Nepal routinely offer animals for sacrifice to appease deities, especially power goddesses, for good luck and prosperity. But the festival held every five years at the Gadhimai temple in southern Nepal was condemned this year by animal rights activists, including French actress Brigitte Bardot, who called for an end to the centuries-old ritual of slaughtering animals.

“We had more than 15,000 buffalo sacrificed Tuesday. But the number of goats and birds, including roosters and pigeons, sacrificed Wednesday is countless,” Shiva Chandra Prasad Kushawaha, chief of the festival’s organizing committee said.

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(Photo: Mass sacrifice of buffaloes at Bara District, 24 Nov 2009/Shruti Shrestha)

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Many developed countries kill more animals each year, judging from the red meat and poultry available for sale in the supermarket.The only difference is that killing is done hidden from public sight.The animal sacrifice occurs once a year by devotees who probably do not have the financial means to eat meat every day.

Posted by scheng1 | Report as abusive

this is SICK, SICK, SICK!!!!stop the barbaric killing of animals here in Nepal and in ALL the factory farms world wide. NO GOD or diety anywhere advocates this violence, suffering and torture and blood bath this barbaric ritual created.These ppl need to WAKE UP to the 21st century and stop this back ally cockamamie behavior.SICK!!

Posted by john649 | Report as abusive

john649… mind your own business… whatever these people do, they do not go out and kill/ sacrifice innocent babies, women, children, old persons, etc in name of Jesus, like Christians habitually do across the world till date. But to a sinful and liar like you, even stories of genocide will be justifiable in name of Jesus. Do you know statistics of how many animals, what type of animals are slaughtered by Christians and Muslims and eaten away in daily prayers. Do you know the daily prayer of destruction that you pray in church for non christians? And yes, no one from Nepal invited Christians and reuters to publish anything in their country

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive

There are two extremists. One sode you have vegan, otherside you have animal sacrificers and meat eaters.Well, I am a vegetarian, and strongly oppose ritual animal killings, or for food. I consume egg, bcz it has no life in it. i drink milk bcz it won’t take a life. I eat vegetables, since plants don’t feel pain as they don’t have central nervous systems. So follow the middle path.I am a Hindu, vegetarian and feel sorry for the vegetarian converts also. We have great veggie food developed over centuries, where as western vegans have difficult time in adjusting. I appreciate them for their commitment though.

Posted by Kris | Report as abusive

It is beyond belief that anyone would condone this massacre. These are innocent creatures being butchered – no “humane” stunners here, just some maniac swinging an axe. The excuse for this butchery is that some bloodthirsty “goddess” needs blood. Maybe someone could leave a message out for the creature next time to slice off her own head. That sureely should stop her disgusting bloodlust once and fcor all. I’ll be boycotting anything from Nepal from now on and will be advising others to do so.

Posted by Pauline Salemi | Report as abusive

this is bad jaago

Posted by binder | Report as abusive

[…] […]

Posted by Can a Person practice Sanatan Dharma and another Religion at once? – Page 3 – Religious Education Forum | Report as abusive

True, animal cruelty in 1000s as such should no longer be practiced today. Unfortunately, that kind of murdering is not too different than hunting animal for sports. Yearly, just in America, way too many animals were shot to death anyway. How about factory and other industrial expansion, including taking up living spaces to build up residential communities year to year. In few decades to come, there will become extincted along with the environment we destroy. Therefore, who are we pointing fingers at? LOL
Its government and the people to make the change rather than waiting until more death toll becomes a reality.

Posted by john2012uk123 | Report as abusive

Seems daily we find man crazier and more stupid. Are these people hungry don’t they always complain about being hungry and having no food?! it’s time we stop working with these creatures in giving them things over and over and over again.

Posted by Sha | Report as abusive

And what happens after the sacrifice? Do they just leave them there? do they eat them? what.

Posted by Sha | Report as abusive