Indian report raps politicians over Ayodhya mosque destruction

November 26, 2009

babri1A government-backed inquiry has accused several of India’s top opposition politicians of having a role in the destruction of an ancient mosque in 1992 that triggered some of the country’s worst religious riots.

(Photo: Muslim at New Delhi protest, 6 Dec 2005/B Mathur)

The report has sparked political protests from opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which finds itself in even more trouble as it struggles to emerge from internal feuding after an election defeat in May.

Hindu mobs demolished the 16-century Babri Mosque in the north Indian town of Ayodhya, claiming it stood on the birthplace of their god-king Rama. Riots between Hindus and Muslims left hundreds dead across India.

advaniThe report, 17 years in the making, says some of India’s best known BJP politicians — including former Prime Minister Aal Behari Vajpayee and current opposition leader Lal Krishna Advani — did little to stop the destruction despite knowing of plans to demolish it.

(Photo: Lal Krishna Advani, 29 April 2009/Jayanta Shaw)

Here is our news story on the report and a Q&A explaining the background.

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it is utter foolishness to blame only BJP leaders for not stopping the demolition..If this is the argument to hold someone responsible..why didn’t congress so something to stop it ? why did pakistan not do something to stop it ? why did US not do anything to stop it ?? what was Supreme court doing ?Demolition is the wish of crores and crores of indians, who will stand up to protest any kind of sabotage on our religion by foreign religons.Jai sri ram.

Posted by Anitha | Report as abusive

AlmightyThese lines reflect how I see God. I have in these lines depicted God as all caring and all loving. God does not look into differences to accommodate his children in the magnificence of his creation.I see Almighty the Omni potent and All Pervasive in a secular bias less form.He or She is not the one who demands that I clip my teeth, grow finger nails, cut my toe nails or sport a mustache. He or She is also the one who cares for His or Her children with all such varied beliefs. He or She gives the freedom to represent Him or Her in whatever form that can be perceived.

Posted by M.Sathish Kumar | Report as abusive

Liberhan commission is nothing but, just a joke played by congress using taxpayers money. It just congress supported, state paid propaganda against BJP. If congress fells that BJPs top brass is responsible for it, why dont they put them behind bars, who is stopping them. Infact if they put top brass of BJP in jail, congress will be sent packing to ITALY by majority indian electorate.Jai Shri Ram

Posted by sanjay | Report as abusive

Muslim marauders raized many temples and built mosques by loot, rape, pillage of people with faith native to India. The destruction of structure of Babri is justified. The Government should table report on what it is doing to protect the monuments of people with faith native to India destroyed by terrorists, elsewhere, like in Malaysia, Afghanistan, Pakistan before talking about monuments of people with faith alien to this nation. Secondly Government should come out with report as to what it is doing to restore all monuments destroyed by Christians and Muslims and bring back the wealth plundered by Christians and Muslims. We don’t need tid bits and useless crap of Gandhi. We need our wealth robbed by Muslims and Christians

Posted by rohit | Report as abusive

WHY blame BJP alone? Political party means Congress too. But, for everthing Good and Bad happening in India only the politicians are responsible. They are in the top level to make things in favor or against them. WHat happened to 1987 Sikh Riots? What has happened to 26/11 terror plot. There were numerous terror hits before 26/11. WHO will take responsibility for these? Which party? ruling or opposition? WE Indians will not be let to develop under these politicians. We always end up selecting the least worst amongst the worst leaders contesting. when will we get freedom? In how many ways do civilians should get educated? need not blame pakistan , for 26/11. we are not correct first. Similarly, need not blame BJP for Ayodhya demolition.

Posted by Gokul | Report as abusive