Did Jesus headline Glastonbury before Springsteen?

November 27, 2009

glastonburyJesus Christ may have visited an English town now renowned for a raucous modern-day music festival to meet ancient druids, a new film argues.  “And Did Those Feet” explores the theory that Jesus accompanied Joseph of Arimathea on a visit to the area around the southern English town of Glastonbury.

(Photo: At the end of Glastonbury Festival 2009, 29 June 2009/Luke MacGregor)

The Glastonbury Festival held on a farm near the town draws some of the 21st century’s biggest music stars such as Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z, Neil Young and U2 to the world’s largest open air music and arts festival.

Church of Scotland Minister and researcher for the film Gordon Strachan argues that Jesus may have come to Britain to further his education because the area was a stronghold of the ancient druids, then associated with ancient wisdom.

“There’s no reason why Jesus shouldn’t have come,” Strachan told Reuters. “Glastonbury was very important in the ancient times, the tradition goes back to pre-Christian times …  He probably came by boat with the traders. He had plenty of time and nobody knows what he did before he was 30.”

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Posted by Darell Millsap | Report as abusive

Don’t tell me! I’ve got it. Afterwards he took a weekend trip to Dublin, catching the ferry from Fishguard?

Posted by Matthew | Report as abusive

He was there, but he never left the pub.

Posted by J Ford | Report as abusive

You only have to look at the geographical distribution of names, and all becomes clear. Jesus went to Spain; Brian came to England.

Posted by Ian Kemmish | Report as abusive

The loons havbn’t gotten the message yet.Jesus wasn’t about eastern meditation or squirrely oracles of spirits, His teachings are clear enough and don’t hint of any such mumble-jumbo, including wacky scientologistics or blatvatsky charlatism.

Posted by Dr Beryl Drake | Report as abusive

If nobody knows what He did His first 30 years, then how does a fairy tale like this one even get consideration?

Posted by Randy | Report as abusive

“Jesus may have come to Britain to further his education” HAHA zealots… your omniscient god needs education? I thought the Jesus zealots were Monothiest, only one God? The Father, the Son, and the Holy ghost – how does that work?Well I guess he does need education – Woman was made from the “rib” of Man? Why do men have Nipples? Your uneducated “God” first makes women then turns half of them into Men. Your lazy God first made Women then cheated by copying 99% of the code to make man, apes, dogs, etc…?

Posted by Neil | Report as abusive

What a dreadful story – surpassed only by the inane ramblings of Neil who appears to want to ask every question under the sun. Proof positive of the fact that athiests have two axioms: 1 – There is no God. 2 – I hate him.

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

Why couldn’t Jesus have gone to Britain? There are books about Jesus living in India. Do you think it is a coincidence that Krisna sounds like Christ?Where was Jesus for 20yrs? No one seems to know anything after he was 12 and his family left for Egypt! Strange that someone that was a Messiah for Israel and all the world, was only around for 3yrs with his teachings to a handful of people when the coming of the Messiah was suppose to be a world shattering event that all people would have knowledge of,yet we know practically nothing about this event. The stories we do have even the new testament are in conflict with each other. There are over 1000 confilting facts in the New Testament, and probably with over 1000 deliberate ommisions.

Posted by BEVERLY | Report as abusive

We do know what Emmanuel (Jesus or Jesu Cristo is a Roman given name)did from twelve through 30.After being bar mitva’d in Jerusalem he left his parents and vowed to visit the Three Kings (Prophets) who made the grueling trip to witness his Birth.He traveled the legendary Kyber Pass through the “Gates of Persia” where Moses was buried. His traveling companion was Thomas, his half brother.Once reaching Damascus he started his “Learning” under the Persian Zoroastrianism faith.After two years or so he went on to Tibet and studied under the Monks who kept the “Book of the Dead”, in which Emmanuel is mentioned many times.The Tibetan Buddhist faith was closely tied to the Indian Buddhist movement and that was where He spend three years studying, bewteen Tibet, Punjab (Sikh)and later Hindu.From the far East He traveled South to Kolhapur, which is a city that falls in the southernmost part of Maharashtra. It is here that Thomas, later St. Thomas parted from Emmanuel and founded his Church.The Saint Thomas Christians, still use the Syriac language (a dialect of Aramaic and so related to the language of Emmanuel)in their services.Emmanuel stayed for some months, studying and directing Thomas towards his dreams.He then took to the seas, crossing the Indian and Arabian Sea towards the Red Sea and His Heaven sent ‘Initiation’ within the Pyramid of Cheops, in Egypt.Here the Spirit of the Lord came down and Blessed the Son of God, freeing him to now start his Ministry that would ultimately lead to His Crucifixion and Ascension….as we know, the Rest is History”, as He was officially Baptized in the River Jordan by the prophet John, who stated “Today I hereby Baptize a Man who is Greater than I”.

Posted by Ray Houghton | Report as abusive

Before leaving this website, I have to say that I am ashamed of those that would be so hateful, insulting and ignorant towards that which others hold sacred.Yes, it’s OK to disagree, but to call God LAZY, or STUPID when no one knows Him, is plainly barbaric!Fortunately, I happened on this site and need never return to these gross and hateful commentaries again!

Posted by Ray Houghton | Report as abusive

Speculation without substance has little or no value. Study on the other hand can make you wise, though I do not think Jesus needed man’s wisdom. At the age of twelve he was already impressing the learned men of the day without leaving the land of Israel.Any time you think you have discovered a contradiction in the Bible consider it an opportunity to discover something you had not known before about the Truth of the Bible. If you dig you will discover it all begins to make sense. Example: Mary going to the tomb after Jesus’ death. It appears to conflict but in reality with honest study you will discover she went to the tomb 4 different times. Thus, no conflict.

Posted by mike | Report as abusive

From Jeff”Proof positive of the fact that atheists have two axioms: 1 – There is no God. 2 – I hate him.”The very definition of Atheist is – Belief there is no godI don’t hate Santa, god, or you Jeff.Jeff you were born an Atheist; you learned to “believe” how? Cause Mommy said so….

Posted by Neil | Report as abusive

Way to go, Jeff. You hurt Neil’s feelings. Now he’s going to go cry on Santa.

Posted by Robb | Report as abusive

It doenst matter where Jesus went or what He did in the past. The thing that matters is what people believe and have faith in. God is everywhere even in the air should just be thankful on the gifts we recieve everyday.to Jeff, why do hate God? if you’ve gone through trials and difficulties of life it doesn’t mean that you are alone and God abandoned you. He is just right there looking after you to see if you can face the challenges of life. if you are already falling down on the smallest challenges then dont even fall in love.

Posted by rein | Report as abusive

For the word of the cross seems foolish to those who are on the way to destruction; but to us who are on the way to salvation it is the power of God. 1 Corinthians 1:18 (Basic English)

Posted by cyrus | Report as abusive

What a transparent attack on the credibility of Jesus by publicizing fringe religious groups who use his name and making headlines with it.Reuters, how low can you go?

Posted by Aaron Ortiz | Report as abusive

[…] Video: Ohio town develops recovery plan Blog: Did Jesus headline the Glastonbury […]

Posted by Activision says Call of Duty series tops $3 bln | Reuters « Way Over Here | Report as abusive

Neil now I know why Hell is created, just to get read of production defects like you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Sergey | Report as abusive

Aaron Ortiz, you confuse the messenger and the message if you think Reuters is making a “transparent attack on the credibility of Jesus” by reporting on a new film about him. We neither attack nor defend Jesus or other major religious leaders. News of this film is out there in the public domain and Alexander Clare’s feature simply informs readers about it.

Posted by Tom Heneghan | Report as abusive

“He went away from there and came to his hometown, and his disciples followed him. And on the Sabbath he began to teach in the synagogue, and many who heard him were astonished, saying, Where did this man get these things? What is the wisdom given to him? How are such mighty works done by his hands? Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary and brother of James and Joses and Judas and Simon? And are not his sisters here with us? And they took offense at him.” -Mark 6:1-3Is this not the carpenter? Where was Jesus between the age of 12 and 30? He was working as a carpenter in his home town of Nazareth. If he had gone on a long pilgrimage they would have known where he got his wisdom, but he was with them for those 18 years, working as a humble tradesman.

Posted by Ian | Report as abusive

[…] More: FaithWorld » Blog Archive » Did Jesus headline Glastonbury before … […]

Posted by FaithWorld » Blog Archive » Did Jesus headline Glastonbury before … | Egypt today | Report as abusive

Here we go again with that concept that Yeshua visited places outside Israel. I will not minimize His capability to be anywhere anytime. But that same issue happened here in the Philippines. Back in 1983 it was said that Yeshua visited and walked the town of Pila, in Laguna province. Because of this, an organization named Bromoki, followers of a dead nun, resulted from this. Now, this organization has died down because other issues were attached to them, issues such as false treasure hunting news, etc.We need to maintain adherence to the “written word” in the Bible so as not to be influenced by these amazing news.FYIRamon Arellano

Posted by Ramon Arellano | Report as abusive

as if he would go to england to find wisdom. anyone who knows real history knows there was scant wisdom at the time, if he actually had a need for this he could have found it right there in his own surroundings as scientifically and matematically they were way ahead of anyone except maybe the chinese.

Posted by joe donahue | Report as abusive

What an unfortunate article, completely pointless and speculative. Firstly, there is no evidence or proof the character Jesus was even a real figure in history. No artifacts, no conclusive writings, only second and third hand opinions rife with ‘plot flaws’ made decades and centuries after his supposed time. To ‘guess’ or speculate, without a single bit of supporting evidence, he visited an area for education which was far behind the East in technology and language is as absurd as it is pointless. Mixing religious speculation with a rock-n-roll venue is just sophomoric on many levels.

Posted by The Grand Wazoo | Report as abusive

Imagine, a God needing to get wisdom from the beings hecreated. Some folks are just so arrogant.

Posted by Raven | Report as abusive

Hey Wazoo, your statement “What an unfortunate article, completely pointless and speculative. Firstly, there is no evidence or proof the character Jesus was even a real figure in history. ” is completely bogus.Historians all agree Jesus lived, and taught, and did the things the Bible tells about. What they (the historians) differ on was whether he was Diety.Your statement reflects a complete ignorance of history. It’s like saying there was no “George Washington” – it makes no sense in light of the facts. We can debate whether George really chopped down a cherry tree, but there is no debate about whether he lived.Likewise Jesus lived among the 1st century people in what is now Israel. There is no debate about that. Whether He was Diety is the only issue up for discussion.

Posted by Ian Campbell | Report as abusive

We can be sure that Jesus did not visit Glastonbury or anywhere else because he is a totally mythical composite character.1 – Every single artifact supporting a real Jesus is a FAKE.2 – The bible which should tell the story of his life is clearly in serious disagreement with itself.3 – We can trace the origins of the savior mythology to planting myths where the seed is sacrificed (not eaten) and buried in virgin mother earth then rises in 3 days as a new plant to provide the bread and beer of life. *(beer is updated to wine in roman times)Endless fake religious are still going on shamelessly. If there was a ‘real god’ then we would not be subjected to the sort of scams (esp the ones in god’s name) that we see.

Posted by John Taylor | Report as abusive

Prime Mover Jesus Has been Every Where MAN. When i asked him if he Spoke my Language he had already Smiled and Given me a Vegemite sandwige

Posted by Eden and Apple | Report as abusive

Jesus Christ may have visited an English town. well if he did and there was evidence we will surely not Know. Because Moderators would moderate the modules. Overseers would oversee the vision. Collators would collate the collations, Samplers would sample the samples. Forket toungues would derive the derivitives of derivation language. But simplistic and fatuous accusations and then judgements will always be made avaliable by the third estate who exist at the same level of feathered friends flocking while foxingly winking at the Sheep

Posted by Eden and Apple | Report as abusive

Because Depth is allways hidden by length bredth and hight. Value is always hidden by price cost and worth, chuckle

Posted by Eden and Apple | Report as abusive

“Church of Scotland Minister and researcher for the film Gordon Strachan argues that Jesus may have come to Britain to further his education because the area was a stronghold of the ancient druids, then associated with ancient wisdom.”I’m afraid I don’t quite understand. If Jesus is God, then what “ancient wisdom” could have possibly been of any value to him? Does it stand to reason that the supreme creator of all things arrived here on Earth and sought out spiritual guidance from people who didn’t even believe in him?

Posted by Peter | Report as abusive

Can we be clear about something and challenge Rev Strachan to refute it? There is no letter of St Augustine of Canterbury to Pope Gregory describing a Glastonbury church built by Jesus––the main item of evidence cited by Rev Strachan. There is a 13th century manuscript of the very scrupulous historian William of Malmesbury which contains the reference, but it is clearly a forgery. We know this because we also have William’s original text before it was doctored. Moreover, the translation offered by Rev Strachan is incorrect. The Latin refers to a Church built by Jesus’ disciples, not his hands.In short, there is no historical evidence whatsoever that Jesus came to Britain and it is immensely improbable that Jesus ever left Palestine.

Posted by Prof Robert Davis | Report as abusive

There is little evidence Jesus even existed. Let alone visited Glastonbury.Which means that as far as baseless claims go, both are equally possible.

Posted by Noah Idea | Report as abusive