Spanish RC Church to deny communion to pro-abortion pols

November 27, 2009

abortion-spainThe Spanish Catholic Church will deny communion to members of parliament who have voted in favour of a bill to make abortion more readily available, the spokesman of Spain’s Bishops’ Conference said on Friday.

“This is a warning to Catholics, that they can’t vote in favour of this and that they won’t be able to receive communion unless they ask forgiveness,” Rev. Juan Antonio Martinez Camino told a news conference in Madrid. “They are in an objective state of sin.”

The government-sponsored bill, which passed the first of a series of votes in parliament on Thursday, will allow abortion until the 14th week of pregnancy and, in cases of extreme foetal deformity, at any time in the pregnancy. The bill will also allow girls to obtain abortions from the age of 16 without parental consent, a clause that has generated dissent even within the governing Socialist Party.

In the United States, Congressman Patrick Kennedy has said his bishop has slapped a communion ban on him for his support for abortion rights.

Read our full story from Madrid here. See also Reuters in Spanish —Votar a favor del aborto es pecado, según los obispos.

(Photo: Rev. Juan Antonio Martínez Camino, 18 June 2009/Sergio Pérez)

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This is overdue.DNA Science teaches that unborn children are full human beings.Christian morality teaches that the state’s first duty is to defend the life and dignity of every human.The church itself has a duty to denounce those who deny the most fundamantal of rights to their fellow humans.

Posted by chaynes | Report as abusive

Actually, “DNA science” teaches that children have the same DNA as “full human beings”. The fact is though, basic biology teaches us that any consciousness, and in fact any PERSON exists solely within the brain.So until the brain starts to develop, then logically abortion is 100% ethical.Also, may i point out that christian morality does NOT teach that the state’s first duty is to defend the life and dignity of every human. Anyone who disagrees definitely hasn’t read Luke 19:27Luke 19:27 ;”But these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slay them in my presence.”Check it out, that was said by Jesus Christ, in the new testament, according to the bible.”Bring them here and slay them in my presence” (also often translated as “bring them before me so that i may slay them”, although every translation indicates that they should be killed). That doesn’t sound like the state’s first duty is to “defend the life and dignity” of THEM.Call me on it, if I got anything wrong. Check it. Recheck it. It’s all 100% correct, so perhaps for once a preaching anti-abortion christian could admit that they’re wrong.

Posted by Numerous | Report as abusive

Numerous, nice way to twist words from a parable there. I assume you’re either not a Christian, nor familiar with the Bible at all, or perhaps both; either that, or you’re intentionally twisting words from Scripture out of context to suit your preconceived biases.The parable is called the “parable of the coins” or the “parable of the faithful servants”, and Christ describes those words coming from the mouths of the king in His parable, not from Christ Himself.Moreover, your view of biology presumes the non-existence of the soul, at least the way you’ve stated your case above. As Christians, we believe that God gives each child a soul at some point very early on, and certainly before the very advanced development of the brain and nervous system in the unborn child.Try again, though, but I suggest you try to take into account the beliefs of those you are trying to convert to your secular perspective the next time.

Posted by Kevin in Texas | Report as abusive

Numerous,You are trying to be deceptive like Satan, unlike Satan you do not know scripture especially the scripture you quote. This is a parable Christ our Lord and Saviour relates in terms of this world to teach about the Kingdom and reign of God our Father. This is a lesson you should take heed to. Deny God’s authority and you shall die the second death for eternity. I for one wants you to share in our God’s promises for eternity. So though you are right in what the scripture says you are wrong as to its understanding and meaning.Blessing and Peace! Prepare the Way to Our Lord!!

Posted by AndyO | Report as abusive

Chaynes, why do you want to kill babies, what good does it bring to kill an innocent human being? Do you have kids? Would you be able to suck the brains out of your son or tear his limbs off?

Posted by oscar | Report as abusive

I do not belive you have the rgght to withold God’s Love or Body from anyone.He did die for Sinners.I pray youclean up your own act first- I think you know what I mean.

Posted by roy ross | Report as abusive

You cannot vote for someone who’s promoting a reasonable social/health policy without threat of being excommunicated but it is perfectly ok for a catholic to vote for war criminals like Mr. Bush?
Or for proponents of the death penalty?
Of for those too stupid to understand the world is not made in 6 days?
The RC Church is losing it’s credibility by the hour.

Posted by ottospo | Report as abusive