Comments on: Bishop of Arabia dismayed by minaret ban in Swiss homeland Religion, faith and ethics Sat, 23 Apr 2016 23:25:07 +0000 hourly 1 By: truthywood Mon, 07 Dec 2009 08:50:50 +0000 These Muslim haters used to hate Jews some time back, Same people were behind Genocide of 6 million Jewish people, Now they are coming up false stories of Islamic atrocities on Christian countries, while attacking Many Muslim countries and destroying them .

Search google images with this text “Church Masque” , There is not a single Christian majority country in world where both Masque and Churches are side by side, You will find hundreds of photos from Muslim majority countries where Churches and Masques are side by
side. So that means when Christian are majority they don’t allow masque near their Churches. but tolerant Muslims do.

White Christianity is totalitarian ideology, They don’t tolerate any body who does not look like them , talk like them or walk like them. Red Indians were first victims of this intolerant cult, than blacks, than people in their Colonies, than Jews (WW2), Now Muslims
are new target of this cult.

By: jotonoc Sun, 06 Dec 2009 14:21:09 +0000 Please note that there are Catholic churches in Bahrain (where I’m freely allowed to practice my catholic faith), several in the UAE, in Kuwait, and (most recently built and the biggest Catholic Church in the Middle East) in Qatar.

Other new churches are also in the planning stage and in most of these, it is the goverment which provides free land to which the churches are built on. I believe that this freedom to build is what we do not want to risk with the Swiss actions.

By: Shantunu Sun, 06 Dec 2009 14:10:04 +0000 Minaret Ban signifys Collective NO by Swis Society against ARAB CULTURAL IMPERIALISM. In today’s modern world you don’t need muzzin to call the faithful by shouting on Minaret.
Swiss are secular, they have not banned practice of Islamic religion. They have just voted against Arab symbolism. Muslims worldwide could have stoped this embarassment by taking control of islam themselve, rather than allowing Sheikhs to dictate.
Iran is non-issue. This is simple tussle between islamic world for supermacy within itself. Soon Turkey may come up with stuff like this. Sheikhs work silently.

Sorovar answer me. Egyt & Jordan have long history of civilatzation, much before Arab arriving on scence. Did they accept only Islam or ARAB + Islam. They accepted both in fear of advancing armies. Only Iram and India resisted, so Iran is not an Arab Republic. As for India, British liberated it from Islamic rule. And much of terrorism existing in India is in order to bring it back to Islamic rule. We are resisting it for 30 yrs, thanks to western indifference & continues appeasement for Oil.

By: havaiisteve Sun, 06 Dec 2009 02:55:47 +0000 Islamic states execute people for converting from Islam to another faith. Women can be stoned to death by their families for being unfaithful. Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Islam is the most intolerant religion in the world today! They are outraged because the Swiss don’t want minerts? Hurray for the Swiss! Down with Iran’s satanic leaders!

By: Bartski Sun, 06 Dec 2009 00:00:31 +0000 Sarovar completely ignores the facts as they have existed for decades , but are now coming to the forefront.
The freedoms we have in the west, that simply do not exist in the world of Islam , including freedom of religion , have been abused , and used against westerners for many years now ; pre-dating 9/11.Franted ; minarets are a non-issue. But the reaction to cartoons in Demark, a teddy bear in Sudan, and a factual film on the oppression of women , produced in Holland, were shockingly , lethally ; and childishly ; inappropriate to say the least.The concept of Muslim unity is a myth.Left to their own devices , they slaughter each other with abandon. So as not to be misunderstood , it is self evident , that most Muslims are peaceful, decent, and hard working people. Everywhere.Then came 9/11. One of the most significant facts about that day of terror is the fact that in the WTC towers alone, people representing 83 different countries were murdered.Then , the attacks on innocents in London and Madrid.Sarovar has the uninformed audacity to let people off the hook based on chosen and unproveable beliefs , then consistently and irrationally ; attacks an entire segment of humanity for simply being who they are : homosexual persons. While western soldiers are sacrificing their lives to help establish some element free of tyranny and brutality for the people , there are organized groups touring Afghanistan and Iraq , hunting down those they believe to be gay , and killing them on the spot.Others throw acid in the faces of young Muslim girls on their way to school.
Think about it ….there has to be something dreadfully lacking , and little hope for a future of promise and prosperity ; for young people , in societies that are able to produce a seemingly endless supply of suicide bombers.
We in the west , of all faiths or no specific religiosity, can easily live with Muslims , with peace, harmony and friendship. It is the leaders and radicals who take seriously the innate teaching that we are “pigs’ and “dogs’ , and most importantly ; infidels , that we will always be on guard against.
Finally , our western values that encompass democracy, liberty, due process, and equality for all; are not negotiable. There may well be zero tolerance for homosexuals in any conservative religion , but in enlightened countries with rights extended to every citizen, there might never be acceptance , but tolerance is demanded under the law.

By: indian_hindu Sat, 05 Dec 2009 23:52:36 +0000 i am an Indian Hindu from India and fully support this ban by the Swiss people. I am happy that for the first time in history the civilized world has acted against the double standards of the Islamic world.

Mr Sorowar: India or any other non-islamic democratic nation is a testimony to the vicious designs of Islam. Islam follows what is known as the womb bomb to convert any non-islamic nation to Islam. Muslims have 2-3 times the birth rate than the other people and plan to overtake the nation and convert it to Islam. India today had 20% of Islamic population, when it won freedom the population was 5%. Day is not far when you will start another civilwar in India for another islamic state like Pakistan again.

By: BennettRobertJ Sat, 05 Dec 2009 23:47:27 +0000 Of course Christians in Europe should be tolerant. They should not retaliate for the ill-treatment of Christians in Moslem countries.

On the other hand, as a human being, one cannot help being just a little surprised that our tolerance is not reciprocated in places like Turkey, or indeed, on the Arabian peninsula.

By: rusgo Sat, 05 Dec 2009 15:49:25 +0000 As minorities in Western societities, Muslims competently articulate the language of civil
liberties and tolerance; as majorities in the lands of their origin, Muslims too often show no tolerance for diversity and dissent. In Europe, Muslims often demand the dismantling
of commonly accepted, cultural norms that may be based on the long history of Christianity in Europe, but demand “respect” for the religious demands of their faith and the demands that may place on the larger society. They can react in stunning communal
violence at the mere hint of criticism or lack of deference to their religious symbols and icons, but react in stunning indifference when children are blown up on their way to school, women are routinely abused and debased by the standards of their faith, and atrocious, mindless violence is continually committed in their collective name. Swiss are not bigoted; they are frightened, as well they should be.

By: UrghAllah Fri, 04 Dec 2009 12:23:20 +0000 Whatever Sarovar has said is false. There is nothing to prove that Koran, a cheap copy of Judaism offers peace. It is nomadic gibberish, full of satanic verses, like bible. Both Bible and Koran are violation of copy right and intellectual property laws. If financial enalties related to these laws are levied on Muslims and Christians, they will be poorest persons on earth and then will burn their respective books and once in entire life earn bread and wealth by hard work than murder, rob, loot, pillage, genocide, which they are habitual to when were devoid of wealth.

By: Sorowar Fri, 04 Dec 2009 11:01:06 +0000 The fall of minaret, the rise of conscience

A silent revolution took place in the world while Muslims were celebrating Eid festival. Most of the global citizens of our planet may not be aware of this critical turning point of current world affair. The repercussion of this defining moment is immense and far-fetched. Swiss ban on minarets by applying the tool of democracy has sent a strong and irreparable wrong signal to 1.57 billion people of Muslim faith. Isn’t an irony that Swiss core values become jeopardized due to the erection of 4-6 meter concrete bar? This is the first time since 1893, when a strong discriminatory initiative has been constitutionalized aiming to single out a specific community in Switzerland. The preachers of secularism, rationalism and freedom of expression become tight-lipped when Islam or Muslim is attacked irrationally in the land of “Enlightenment”. Sometimes, few faint voices are heard in order to protect the business interest in the Muslim world. Tariq Ramadan, a Swiss citizen, a professor of Islamic Studies in Oxford and Erasmus University, has nicely depicted the current islamophobic phenomenon in Europe in an article in the Guardian:

“The minarets are but a pretext – the UDC (far-right political party) wanted first to launch a campaign against the traditional Islamic methods of slaughtering animals but were afraid of testing the sensitivity of Swiss Jews, and instead turned their sights on the minaret as a suitable symbol…
Every European country has its specific symbols or topics through which European Muslims are targeted. In France it is the headscarf or burka; in Germany, mosques; in Britain, violence; cartoons in Denmark; homosexuality in the Netherlands – and so on. It is important to look beyond these symbols and understand what is really happening in Europe in general and in Switzerland in particular: while European countries and citizens are going through a real and deep identity crisis, the new visibility of Muslims is problematic – and it is scary.”

You can verify his observation yourself by just reading the mostly recommended comments in “Have your say” on BBC website.

There are only four minarets all over Switzerland. These minarets have not built for prayer call, just erected as a symbol of Islamic architecture. In the pretext of protecting Swiss heritage and culture, mosques were vandalized during ban campaign. Streets were littered with pro-ban posters, showing a black female figure in a Muslim veil and black minarets all over Swiss map piercing like missiles. All these anti-Muslim hysterias are not related to minarets. This proves the blatant show of prejudice and intolerance in the proudly claimed ‘tolerant society’. There was hardly any protest against this hate-mongering campaign from the so-called conscience segment of the society. People’s reactions all over Europe revealed after this ban are so frightening, reminding the era of Nazism.

Europe feels very proud to claim that they are the torch-bearer of tolerance, equality and acceptance regardless of race, creed or religion. If the so called educated, enlightened, well to do (compared to developing countries) folks in Europe show this kind of bigotry and act in this manner (rampaging the place of worship, vandalizing the graveyard) one may wonder what they would really do if they were in the same condition as people of Afghanistan. It is so pathetic that many Europeans are dragging this issue towards Saudi Arabia and ‘rationally’ arguing that Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow churches, so Swiss are right to ban minarets or mosques. This is where secular democratic nations should be taking their moral cues from? Many of us unaware the fact that churches including steeples can be built in most Muslim countries. Is there any mosque in the Vatican- the headquarter of Christian faith?

Why is Muslim or Islam a big issue in Europe?

The European society is failing. The fast declining birth rate is worrying European thinkers. Anti-social phenomenon such as gay movement, cohabitation without marriage and other moral decadences are contributing to the acceleration of this dwindling population. Even in overtly religious American society, marriage couples become minority (here). This scenario is more terrifying in Europe (here). On the other hand, the whole continent is graying. The over-65 population is expected to rise from 15.4% of the EU population in 1995 to 22.4% by 2025. According to a BBC article, “with fewer, younger workers to pay the health and pension bills of an elderly population, states face an unprecedented fiscal burden. The dependency ratio of those aged 65 and over to those of working age looks set to double from one-to-four to one-to-two in 2050”. Europe’s ageing workforce (here).

To keep moving the wheel of European economy, intellectuals are urging for more immigrants to supplement the declining population. Muslim countries, in general, are poor and have higher population growth rate. As a result, Muslims are migrating in the West for better future. Historically, after the fall of Muslim era, most of the Muslim lands were colonized by European countries. Muslim issue was largely unheard until the middle of 20th century. While leaving occupied countries, they made friendship treaty. One of the major aims of this treaty is to protect those people who helped them (occupiers). For this reason, we can see majority of the immigrants in UK from Indian subcontinent, Algerians in France and so on.

In an environment of extremely low birth rates in most of Europe, Muslim population continues to grow. This scenario has fueled concerns in the European society and general perception is that the region will eventually have a Muslim majority. Concerns about the rapid growth of Muslims are based on popular perceptions, not statistical evidence. Because many European countries do not ask a person’s religion on official forms or in censuses, it has been difficult to obtain accurate estimates of the number or childbearing rates of Muslims. You may watch an interesting video, even though data in the video might be inaccurate or can be questioned. Muslim demographics are changing in the West and how Islam is taking firm root. This video clip aimed to represent the Muslim or Islam as a threat to the Western society.

Changing Muslim demographics (7 min)

Here is the BBC’s response of this video (5 min)

Muslim population in Europe (Wiki)
The EU’s baby blues (BBC Article)

Based on these videos and resourceful articles, you might reach to a conclusion. For European, it is hard to digest but the reality is that Islamization of Europe is the natural consequence of secularism/materialism/atheism. There is no way to stop this development. Arrogance, fear-mongering and hatred won’t be effective to hinder this inevitable outcome. Social integration of immigrants pointing to Muslim is a major political issue in EU. Muslims are always labeled as intolerant since they can’t adopt the core European values, such as homosexuality and belief in evolution theory. Recent polls find that Muslims in Britain have zero tolerance of homosexuality. It would be ignorant to think that immigrants are the burden of the society; rather they are contributing to the country. Therefore, both parties are mutually benefited. When a nation is on the verge of identity crisis, they start showing over concerns regarding values and heritage. Accepting the diversity would be the catalyst of better civilization.

Banning the Islamic symbols such as minaret or hijab will not stop the spreading of Islam in Europe; rather all these racist attitudes would facilitate its propagation. Islam will prevail peacefully in Europe in due time without the use of any violence or extremism. Majority of the Muslim and most non-Muslim in the West are not aware about the beauty of Islam (See video: understanding of Islam in Europe). Light eliminates darkness; same is true for Islam, which would illuminate every conscience people on earth. of-minaret-the-rise-of-conscience/