Child abuse crisis to spark Irish Catholic Church shake-up

December 12, 2009
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin (L) and Cardinal Sean Brady (C) after meeting Pope Benedict, 11 Dec 2009/Tony Gentile

Pope Benedict has expressed “outrage, betrayal and shame” at the sexual abuse of children by priests in Ireland, which Church leaders said would lead to a shake-up of the Irish Roman Catholic Church.  Church sources expected some bishops to resign in the wake of a government report that said Church leaders in overwhelmingly Catholic Ireland had covered up widespread abuse of children by priests for 30 years.

“I think that we are looking at a very significant reorganization of the Church in Ireland,” Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said after he and other Irish Church leaders held an emergency meeting with the Pope on Friday.

The Vatican said the pope would write to the Irish people about the crisis and a plan for action — the first time a pope will devote a document solely to the clergy’s abuse of children. A number of bishops who worked in Dublin during the period covered by the report are likely to offer to resign, Church sources said.

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On his blog Sacri Palazzi, the well-informed Vatican watcher Andrea Tornielli wrote: “Some Irish bishops will probably resign in the next few weeks (minimum 4, maximum 10).”

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Why aren’t these cowards arrested and put in jail? The Catholic Church tried to sweep abuse under the rug in my country and handle it as “an internal matter” until law enforcement stepped in and forced the Church to obey the rules.
Ireland will throw off one yoke when they decide to do the same.
The next step is to address all of the other flavors of religion for abuse; there’s plenty of examples of Protestant shenanigans to guide law enforcement.
Let’s not forget Muslims flying jets into buildings….

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“Hopelessly inadequate” is what Cardinal Sean Brady, admitted when asked about the Churches response to allegations of Priests involvement in child abuse. At Least someone is telling the truth! I mean just so I am clear on what the rules are, is the standard that when someone commits a heinous act and others in positions of authority cover it up, all they have to do is say, “oops, sorry,” when they are caught. Because you know if that is the new rule, then we can start closing down all the prisons and jails because I’m sure all the criminals caught from now on will be happy to simply say they are “just so sorry from the bottoms of their hearts”. Seriously though most Priests are there for the people and hate these criminals…this was actually interesting though… ch_asks_for_forgiveness_regarding_child_ abuse_scandal.html

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