Comments on: Most U.S. Protestant pastors see Islam as dangerous – survey Religion, faith and ethics Sat, 23 Apr 2016 23:25:07 +0000 hourly 1 By: galaxyviz Sun, 08 Aug 2010 12:43:05 +0000 I dont know what topic is discussing here. i am a Muslim by birth. i m 31 years of age . worked in very famous banks in Pakistan as wel as dubai. i want to convert as Christan, if i announced here in Pakistan or UAE every one would feel honor to kill me. can any one guide me how i can get the amnesty and conversion

By: Rutine Tue, 26 Jan 2010 04:42:19 +0000 The most Islamic countries are Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. They actively persecute minorities and their rates of human rights abuses are extremely high. Real Islam is very dangerous to minorities. This is documented by many human rights organizations. The governements could stop it, but don’t…due to the authentic teachings of Islam that favour persecution of kafirs.

By: defcon86 Fri, 18 Dec 2009 02:48:22 +0000 The crusades and Spanish inquisition, much like the dark ages, were centuries ago. And were matched by equal Islamic actions.

The German genocides of WW2 were not really religion motivated, but rather on racial lines.

It is fine and good to point to Christianity and look at past evils committed in God’s name to kill the unbeliever and sinner. And to point out that back in the old days, Past Christianity and Past Islam were equal in terrible actions.

But it is unfair to then draw an analogy between Past Christianity and Present Islam.

Just because Islam remains in the 14th Century with concepts of holy war and global domination, doesn’t mean that 21st Century Christianity must also be considered as hostile or belligerent.

Most of the actions taken by the West are based on secular and political grounds, not religious ones.

If Islam considers itself in a war with Christianity, this is simply an extension to its war with the West and its greater war against the secular world.

By: Samaritan Thu, 17 Dec 2009 02:08:20 +0000 It is unbelievable that Christians are seen as people believing in God, by the Muslims and they consider them as brothers. Most Christians talk of love, but where is the love for Muslims who happen to be fellow human beings? Read any post anywhere and please let me know when it is not fighty, fiesty, anti-Islam and false propaganda. The world has seen some groups that claim to follow a certain religion, but they act opposite to what the religion teaches. The Jewish, the Christians nor the Muslims are free of those elements. However, I see that the Muslim groups against other religions are usually created by anti_islam forces i.e. creation of Wahabyism, Alqaidah, Taalban etc. Wahabyism was created by Anti-Islam forces to defeat Ottomans, goal achieved, Al Qaidah to defeat Russia in Afghanistan, goal achieved, and west started fighting them, and they are ruthless anti-Islam force. Taalban for the similar reason and they are ruthless force, so is wahabyism. The forign forces must not indulge in changing the path of Muslims, we can become brothers as was the case at the time of prophet Mohammed.

By: TheSanDiego Wed, 16 Dec 2009 11:17:53 +0000 The other SanDiego tries to make the point that Christians only try to convert people.

During the dark ages people where killed if they did not convert, or if they where caught practicing any other religion.

During the crusades countless horrors where commited in the name of Jesus and God.

What about the Spanish inqusision?

Here in America the native Americans where killed by the spanish or converted by the tip of a sword.

During WWII the nazi’s killed million’s for not being Christian.

This year an abortion doctor was killed by a Christian extremist. This year Obama received death threats for being suspected of being a Muslim.

The only real truth here is that as long as there has been a God, there has been killing in his name. I really wounder if the world would be better off without a belief in God, a world without religion would be far more advanced as well.

By: sbinsandiego Wed, 16 Dec 2009 03:32:43 +0000 In a nutshell–“When a Christian man or woman becomes very religious, it means they try to convert you.” When a Muslim becomes “very religious,” it means they try to kill you. Virtually every terrorist act in the world today that is unrelated to drugs has some Islamic component:
The Philippines.
And so forth.
Why is it so difficult to admit what is obvious? If Muslims are truly opposed to violence, let them speak against it.
Christians do, and they do not honor those among them who commit violent acts.

By: HBC Wed, 16 Dec 2009 01:33:03 +0000 I’m not religious, but America’s addiction to polls where all the questions are leading ones but none of the important issues facing society is ever addressed is getting more and more like End Times at The Tower of Babel every day.

By: defcon86 Wed, 16 Dec 2009 01:23:21 +0000 Perhaps Muslims think Christianity is dangerous. But that simply represents their religious mindset.

Western actions in Afganistan and Iraq were to prevent terror, bring democracy and gain power in the middle east.

Western drone strikes in Pakistan are due to the fact that Pakistan has a rising insurgency problem and is being used as a refuge for Taliban.

Support for Arab dictators in the Middle East is simply because those nations are willing to act with Western interests.

Supporting Israel is simply because if Israel was not supported, Israel would have no reason to hold back the next time Hamas or Hezbullah attacks Israeli territory.

The threat of bombing Iran is due to the threat Iran will possess if it illegally obtains nuclear weapons.

None of these things have anything to do with Christianity. They are simply actions done for political advantage and for the interests of the West.

But Islamic insurgency, the concept of Jihad, theocracies and the threat Islam sees from Christianity, are all symptoms of the religious grounding in which many Islamic nations and terror groups operate.

And this is why even though Christianity poses no actual threat to Islam, Islam poses an actual threat to the West. And Militant Islam poses an actual threat to freedom.

By: sidrock23 Tue, 15 Dec 2009 19:35:49 +0000 I’m sure if the same type of poll was taken in muslim countries and we asked 1000 imams, shiekhs, mullah, ayotallas if they thought “Christianity was dangerous” then it would be the same result on the other side. wars in afghanistan and iraq, illegal drone strikes in pakistan, strong support of israel in its illegal occupation of palestine, support for arab dictators in saudia arabia, egypt, and UAE, continued threats of the bombing of iran are all factors that would lead to some muslim clerics yelling “crusade”. so what exactly was the point of the poll to begin with? to tell us something that most of us could have predicted the outcome of beforehand.