What were the top religion news stories of 2009?

December 17, 2009

Hindu lights Diwali candles in Agartala, India, 17 Oct 2009/Jayanta Dey

It’s Top 10 time again. As 2009 nears its end, Time magazine and the Religion Newswriters Association in the U.S. have produced their lists of the main religion news stories of the year. They take quite different views.

Time‘s list is quite broad, the top three being the advance of secularism in Europe, Pope Benedict’s invitation to conservative Anglicans and President Barack Obama’s decision to expand the faith-based office created by George Bush.

The RNA picked Obama’s Cairo address to the Muslim world as its top story, followed by the role of religious groups in the U.S. health care reform debate and the Fort Hood massacre allegedly carried out by an American Muslim officer.

Another Top 10 list out there comes from the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty. It also put Obama at the top of its list — “New President brings change, but delays some tough decisions.”

Not surprisingly, these are all quite U.S.-centered assessments of the main religion stories of 2009. What would you say was the world’s most important religion news story this year? Please send in your suggestions.

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You are right, they *are* U.S.-centric. A bit shocked that none of the lists mentioned the paedophilia revelations in Ireland. And what about the Uganda anti-gay laws? It might not be a directly religious story, but there’s a lot of religion in there.

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[…] a final note, FaithWorld is looking at various picks for the top religious stories of 2009. “It’s Top 10 time again. As 2009 nears its end, Time magazine and the Religion Newswriters […]

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My problem is I don’t have a problem with how a person has their one on one relationship with the Lord. Now I do have a problem with those that don’t know that Jesus is God. I think that’s pretty simplified in the word.

I think there are many mysteries that no living being in the flesh has a key to. Key of Knowledge I believe it’s a striving to learn since the day we’re born until the day that we die. I think that people who do wrong and it goes against their own convictions then that would be sin to that particular person. (I’m talking all people). I wrote to my son for many years; I’m trying to make it plain to him now that all those writings were no where near directed at him. Just the ones that he knew about. It was directed to all of life.

I think God originally intended and still does for us to treat people right. See the book of revelation speaks of the religious wars. How blind can someone be? These things ought not to be unless it comes to murders, thievery, destroying; we would know this automatically.

If a person is pentecostal and comes to your Jehovah Witness Door, treat them right. If a person is Catholic and goes to the door of a Baptist. Treat them right. So on and so forth.

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