Some highlights from our religion file in 2009

December 23, 2009

Here at Faithworld we sometimes like to draw the attention of our readers to many of the fine pieces of reporting on issues of religion and faith found in the wider Reuters’ world. Here are just a few highlights from 2009 — and trust me, the list could be much longer:

FEATURE-Muslim revival brings polygamy, camels to Chechnya

Darwin debate rages on 150 years after “Origin”

Italian scientist reproduces Shroud of Turin

FEATURE-Ale and hearty: ageing Trappist monks brew on

FEATURE-Swine flu fears hit Saudi religious tourism

FEATURE-End of an era for the Amazon’s turbulent priests

US author traces “evolution” of God

Generational shift for U.S. Hispanics on abortion

Recession-hit Asians pray for jobs, luck, recovery

WITNESS: Fleeing the Islamic sect that lived in our midst


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Report on Shroud of Turin refers. The people who have financed this scientist had to come up according to the expectations of these people. I reject these findings. These people have made mess of this religion. These findings are coming from Italy, well quite funny.

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