Agca says he is a messiah who will write a “perfect Bible”

January 13, 2010
agca note

A hand-written letter by Mehmet Ali Agca released by his lawyers on 13 Jan 2010/Umit Bektas

Mehmet Ali Agca, Pope John Paul’s would-be assassin due to be released from prison on Monday, has answered a set of questions put to him by Reuters through his lawyers. Earlier on Wednesday, his lawyers issued a hand-written letter to journalists in which he called for a new “American Empire.”  Our later news story on his answers to our questions highlights his stated desire to visit the late pope’s tomb in Saint Peter’s Basilica. The statement went on to call on Pope Benedict to announce the end of the world and say he would prove he was “Agca the Messiah” and would write the “perfect Bible.” Agca’s answers are rambling and bizarre. Since we’re bound to hear more from him when he’s released, here’s the complete text of the Q&A to give a fuller view of his current thinking. The Reuters bureau in Istanbul translated it from the original Turkish.

1. How are you feeling after your many years in prison?

“For around thirty years I have been staying in cells on my own. I experienced hell on earth. But in spite of everything I am well. I feel good in myself both physically and psychologically.”

agca time

Mehmet Ali Agca displays an issue of Time Magazine on 12 Jan 2006/stringer

2. Have your beliefs changed during your time in prison and what have you learned from your experience?

“I have read at least a thousand books, most of them scientific, during my time in prison. I have experienced great change and development as a result of a synthesis of experience and knowledge. I have understood world history. I have understand the nature of humanity.

But I have not understood this at all: How can it be that billions of people can believe that one person can hold a third of the millions of galaxies in his hand, even if he is the MESSIAH. The TRINITY says that space billions of light years away is in the hands of the MESSIAH JESUS. Is this possible?  Furthermore there is not a word of the TRINTY in either the Old or the New Testaments. If people could have asked these questions would the Monster Nazi mentality have easily come to power and carried out genocide? I promise $1 million to anyone who can point to a single use of the word TRINITY in the BIBLE.”

3. What do you want to do when you leave prison and where do you want to live? Do you want to get married?

“I do not have any thoughts about wanting to do this or that first of all after leaving prison. What I mean is there is  nothing that I have really missed strongly. I am a psychology expert. I am trying to be a perfect person through constant self watching, self analysis and self control. I will probably set up home in Istanbul, Turkey. I have not made a firm decision yet on whether to get married.”

4. Have you received book or film deal offers and what sort of book do you plan to write?

“Yes, I have received offers from many countries for many cinema films, television documentaries. I have received book offers. I want to write the PERFECT BIBLE. And I say that the Bible which I write and the Vatican Bible should be studied by the American science academy and the Japanese science academy.  If as a result of that, it is not said that Agca’s Bible is not more superior to the Vatican bible, more logical and scientific, my Bible should be cast into the rubbish bin of history. I give my word to the world that within a few years I will prove with concrete historical documents that I am Agca the MESSIAH. The world should wait and see.”

agca handcuffs

Mehmet Ali Agca in police custody in Istanbul on 20 Jan 2006/Cihan

5. Do you plan to meet the current pope and the Vatican and what do you think about him?

“Yes. I want to visit the Vatican and the Pope Ratzinger. I also want to visit the grave of one of the most wonderful and respectable people of the 20th Century, Pope John Paul II. This world, which is experiencing an economic, ecological and human crisis, needs the Vatican. I, Agca, invite the Pope Ratzinger to announce the END OF THE WORLD. It could be beneficial that this divine truth be known by all humanity in order for global crises to be overcome and for a better world order to be established. The top of the Vatican state definitely knows that we have come to the end of the world and I am ready to prove my claim with concrete documents. Don’t forget that it was first I, Agca, who revealed to the world the Vatican’s most secret document FATIMA – THIRD SECRET.”

6. What do you think about the current political situation in Turkey?

“I don’t want to speak about this issue.”

With My Respects,

MESSIAH Mehmet Ali Agca

Question to readers: What do you think about Agca after reading this? Should he get the reported multi-million-dollar book and film deals after his release from prison?

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Agca, Agca,

Do you not remember that when our Lord used someone’s name twice like this, that they knew they had done something wrong? Remember, “Martha, Martha” and “Peter, Peter”, and again, “Paul, Paul”…

Do you not recognize the Lord as a Communion of Love? The perfection of Love is communion and it takes reconciliation by forgiveness, an act of Love, to achieve full Communion.

But, God is Love, this you already know. And forgiveness you also know. How then can you not recognize God existing as a Communion of Love in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? This Communion is the perfection of all humanity! It is our call, our destiny, to abide in that Communion as citizens of Heaven.

The Messiah has come, granted us pardon for our sins, a pardon which we are destined to live according to by forgiving one another. Do you not see how it was that the Holy Father could forgive you? It was his love for you. He lives by his love, he has no choice.

It only takes one Messiah. There is no need for another. You cannot perfect the work that Jesus Christ has done. To believe this way means that you continue to harbor your old beliefs in Islam. These are heresies. Come forward my friend and receive the gift of eternal salvation which the Lord, Jesus Christ, has offered you. We are all pre-destined to live with God in perfect communion.

You say you do not know of the Trinity because it is not mentioned by name. But you did not read your Holy Scriptures my friend. Let me show you where the Trinity is present so that you may recognize it:

Genesis 1: God said, “Let US make man in OUR image”
Genesis 18:” God appeared to Abraham…and lo, three men stood in front of him”
Isaiah 6: God said, “Whom shall I send, who will go for US”
Matthew 3: God the Father, and the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ appear together, as one
John 1: “In the beginning was the Word & the Word was with God, & the Word was God”
Matthew 28: “Go.. baptizing in the NAME of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”

God is not this person or that person, God is Love. the name of God is Love. Love is the Word made Perfect because without Love a word is just a resounding gong. It is not possible for God to be anything but Love, for then it would not be God.

What you seek is redemption. Redemption for your past transgression, for you fear that the world will not accept you. But it has already. The world forgave you. Pope John Paul II forgave you. All is forgiven and ‘all is made new again’. Do not destroy yourself, do not seeking this self-destructive behavior. You will cast yourself out because this act, this thinking that you are some newer and more perfect Messiah is vanity!

All is Vanity! No Messiah can come to man in sin! It is not possible. For, to be the Messiah, you must be without sin – conceived without sin and having not sinned yourself. To be Messiah, you must take on the sins of the world, man against his brother, destroying one another. this is a burden you cannot bear, it will destroy you because you are not perfect. You are not perfect because you are not the Love Incarnate, the Love made flesh, if you were love, then you would not seek to make yourself LARGE, but instead seek to make yourself small, for Love does not seek selfish gains. Love does not posit itself as needing to be validated, rather it seeks to validate others by loving them first. But YOU were not the FIRST to love. No, you were sent to destroy, and instead received Love in return from somewhere else, from SOMEONE else! And still you have not learned Love.

So, therefore, you are incapable of writing the perfect Bible. First learn to love. To love means to be one. To forgive and to reconcile. You cannot listen to Protestants nor try to best them with science and words by writing your own bible. The task is vanity. Loving Communion is stronger than mere ‘fellowship’. To be in communion is an act of Love itself. This Love is far more important than trying to be correct.

Hear the word of God: Be One, as God in Heaven is One. Come to Communion my friend – Come to Communion by humility, not vanity. Come to Communion by Love, not Pride. Come to Communion by Faith, not Intellect. Come to Communion, break bread with us, so that we may be one with you.

Pax Christi,

Das Erlibnis

Posted by Das-Erlibnis | Report as abusive

I think he is truely the messiah….the faux messiah. Anyway, behave yourself and be good agca, too much pride can get you in trouble.

Posted by ROCCO | Report as abusive

They forgot to ask who paid for trying to kill the pope.

Posted by bioadriano | Report as abusive

This guy is going about it all wrong.

He doesn’t need to write a “perfect bible”.

He just needs to write a better bible then the one already in circulation.

Posted by Anon86 | Report as abusive

Yes he can write perfect bible in consultation with Mr. Muamer Kadafi, ruler of Libya. These people have their own version of “Islamic Bible” not the Holy Bible which we read and follow “Love your neighbor as yourself”

Posted by Aftab68 | Report as abusive

The argument about the word trinity not being in the Bible is so tired, old, and stupid. It doesn’t show anything. There are a lot of Biblical concepts that theologians have created words for that are not in the Bible. The concept of the trinity is there. The Holy Spirit is referred to in the Greek as a person, Christ was there at creation…etc.

I guess you didn’t learn how to critically think much in prison Mr. Failed Pope Assassinator.

Posted by JimPiersall | Report as abusive