Text of Mehmet Ali Agca’s letter before release from prison

January 13, 2010

Following is the full text of an open letter issued on Wednesday in Istanbul by lawyers for Mehmet Ali Agca, the man who shot Pope John Paul in 1981. Agca is due to be released from a Turkish jail on Monday January 18.

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Mehmet Ali Agca in Istanbul during short release from jail on 20 Jan 2006/Ahmet Ada

OPEN LETTER 13 January 2010

1 = Terrorism is the Evil of the Devil.

2 = All religions prohibit and condemn Terrorism.

3 = The AL QAEDA is a psychopathic criminal NAZI organization. And remember that the Oklahoma City bomber TIMOTHY MCVEIGH was a NAZI too.

4 = The terrorist HITLER, the terrorist OSAMA BIN LADEN, the terrorist APO (jailed Kurdistan Workers Party leader Abdullah Ocalan), the terrorist POL POT are the common enemies of all religions and all nations in the world.

5 = The Arabic world must never misuse any religion for their national problems.

6 = The President Obama must honour the NOBEL peace prize too.

The world needs a new American empire that must become the center and the leader of international democracy, Peace and Freedom.

7 = Some journalists are asking me that kind of questions:

“As the 13 November 1979 dated KREMLIN documents show that the KREMLIN decided to kill the Polish Pope. And you Ali Acga escaped from prison on 25 November 1979. So is there an logical cause and effect connection between the two events..?

And did the Kremlin utilize the Communist Bulgarian government for the assassination attempt against the Pope?

And who kidnapped EMANUELA ORLANDI the KGB or the STASI or somebody else..?

I will answer to all of these questions in the next weeks.

Mehmet Ali Agca.

(Note: Emanuela Orlandi was a Vatican citizen kidnapped in 1983 aged 15, possibly as a hostage to be exchanged for Agca. Agca has said she was kidnapped by Bulgarian agents and the Grey Wolves, a far-right Turkish militant group he once belonged to. Italian media reported last year that she was murdered while being held by Roman gangsters.)

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