Super bowl abortion ad: what do you think of the hype?

February 8, 2010

Much of the hype around this year’s Super Bowl pro football championship game focused on an ad by the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family that featured college football superstar Tim Tebow and his mother Pam.

Several abortion rights and women’s groups had complained in advance about the reported content of the ad, which they said would have a strong anti-abortion rights message.  Reports suggested that the ad would focus on Pam Tebow’s decision to carry Tim to term despite a recommendation from her doctors that she have an abortion. The Tebow family is deeply evangelical and he was born in the Philippines where his parents were doing missionary work.


Several groups that oppose abortion rights came out in strong support of the ad. None of this is surpring given the highly polarizing nature of the issue in America.

The ad, which you can view below, is subtle, with Pam Tebow speaking of Tim as her “miracle baby.” The polarizing A-word is not mentioned, nor the term “pro life,”  but it directed viewers to a Focus on the Family link where Tebow’s mother does talk of her decision to carry him to term despite a doctor’s warning that doing so could endanger her life. In it her husband Bob talked of “weeping over the loss of millions of babies in America that were never given a chance.”

What do you think of the hype around the ad? Was it overblown or could the link on the Focus on the Family web site  unduly influence women whose lives are seriously at risk because of their pregnancy? And even if you support abortion rights, don’t your opponents have the right to air their views?

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(PHOTO: University of Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow smiles on the sidelines prior to the start of the NFL’s Super Bowl XLIV football game between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints in Miami, Florida, February 7, 2010. REUTERS/Hans Deryk)


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As i wrote , when contacting focus on the family—-the REAL concern in america, for AMERICANS….are the views expressed by people extremely close to our president(ie….the science CZAR, john holdren)—which embrace abortion for the most trivial of reasons. As well as the opinions of so-called “celebrities” like JOY BEHAR from “the view” program—-whom spouted perhaps the most “intellectually-challenged” observation i’ve EVER HEARD………to wit: “we just dont know how a person will turn out……he(tebow) could have been a rapist/molester, ect”——–to my knowledge, babies are not born evil—–they become evil when raised irresponsibly—-to my knowledge, there is no science to support her(joys’) argument. regards, a sinple mailman in america.

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As a Christian I could see creative restraint in the spot by what it did not say. Focus on the Family used understatement sincerely and effectively. In doing so many
in America were afforded the contrast needed to see through rhetoric to glimpse reality. The ongoing struggle for the most basic human right, a right to life, will not be won in courts. It is being won in hearts and minds as love and truth, both attributes of God, show a better way.

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