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Arab racism against non-Arabs is huge, the tragic example of the genocide in Sudan is the bloody example.

Then we have the Pakistani & Malaysian as slaves under the boot of the gulf & Lebanese racist Arabs…

Not to mention the massacres on the Kurds by pan Arabism in Iraq or the persecution on them by Syria. or the Berber natives on North Africa by Arab settlers past & present (Morocco, Algeria).

Or the anti Jewish racism by the entire Arab world, What else is the Palestinian-Arab conflict really all about, the Arabs can’t stand the better group in its midts (especially how Arabs live in free Israel, much better than in ANY Arab country – since all of them are oppressive), so they invent each season a new libel and (commit crimes against humanity, like) push the palestinian kids to die as human shields so that their hatred can have a “reason” of fake “war crimes”, using TV cameras like irresponsible Al Jazeera showing most graphic photos of causalties without explaining the real culprit behind it… in order to bolster Palestinian or Hezbollah vicious orchestrated massacres casted as “victim-hood.”

Is one a better Muslim because he/she buys Arab Palestinian propaganda as if they are “natives” in Israeli/Palestine?
What about the peaceful Muslims inside Israel, shouldn’t they be protected from Arab “brotherly” terrorism?

Just take a look at the “queers for palestine” example, how is this a “dignity” or an honor for Islam?

Did this entire anti-Jewish Arab genocide campaign for so many years bring any honor to Islam’s name? on the contrary! How many westerners do not link Islam with hatred today?

Why does Islam’s image have to suffer because of palestinian Arab self inflicting wounds (and due to buying racist Arabism’s propaganda)?

Who has given the right to the radical pro-terror pro-genocidal-Hamas group CAIR to represent mainstream Muslims in America?

Why do we have to believe each and every lie the Arabs tell, just because they have the lobby oil power over the media (check out how much of US media Saudi billionaire Bin-Talal owns…) & the United Nations???