Catholic bishops see campaign against Church over child sex abuse

March 22, 2010

Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco and Pope Benedict in Paul VI hall at the Vatican 25 April/Osservatore Romano

The Catholic Church is being unfairly singled out for criticism of sexual abuse of children by priests and will not tolerate campaigns to discredit it, the powerful head of Italy’s bishops said on Monday. Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco spoke to Italian bishops as the Vatican tried to stem a scandal gripping the Church that has swept across Europe.

Speaking two days after Pope Benedict apologised to victims of sexual abuse in Ireland, Bagnasco said the Church was “not afraid of the truth, however painful and detestable” but would not accept any “generalised campaigns to discredit it.”

As the scandal has spread in a number of European countries, some other bishops have also lambasted the media.  “The cover-up has gone on for centuries, not just in the Church … it’s going on today in families, in communities, in societies. Why are you singling out the Church?” Bishop Christopher Jones of Elphin, Ireland, said last week.

Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller of Regensburg, Germany, decried “a campaign against the Church” in the media and accused journalists of biased reporting.  “They (the media) are manipulating the people who sit in front of a television or open up a newspaper with their twisted and shortened reports,” he said.

Read the whole story here and tell us what you think. Is the Catholic Church being unfairly singled out? Or should it be held to a higher standard than secular institutions because it preaches the morality some priests have violated?

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It’s 100% true. The media is trying to single out the Catholic Church of these scandals. They are not that eager to report other sex abuses in other religions and secular institutions. Worse, the media is trying to portray as a hero by instigating the people to revolt against the Church of Christ. How? It is not through what they say, but to what they do not say to the people. And what they do not say to the people are the efforts of the Hierarchy to apologize and pay the victims for the damages suffered as ordered by the Courts. The Church had surrendered priests who were guilty of the same. The media does not also report that there are now many priests who were convicted for said crime.The media doesn’t report THE BOGUS SEX ABUSED VICTIMS allegedly committed by the Catholic clergies just like what happened here in the Philippines to Bishop Teodoro Bacani and Bishop Oscar Crus. It’s time for the viewers and readers to be skeptical on everything the media says. I call you my brothers and sisters for us to unite in prayer and love for this is God. Hatred and lies belong to evil. The Church had admitted the truth painful as it is. I hope the media will also do the same. They must also admit their bias and their act of instigation to the faithful. It’s time for the media to be fair and balanced. After all, the only duty of the media is to report the WHOLE TRUTH, not half truth.

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Reverend Christopher Jones of Elphin Ireland must realize that because somebody else performed sexual acts such as sodomy and cruelty on young boys does in no way excuse the once most trusted of human beings priests and their superiors like the Pope who have persistently covered up these heinous acts on our children for over 70 years. Better they had murdered the children. Yes he is right the church had to cover up the heinous acts otherwise they would lose their public manipulative control.The hierarchy of the Catholic Church is so far removed from the real Jesus Christ they are actually closer to the devil and hell of which they constantly preach

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Drosaupan :What a wash.If we can not go to the media where should we go to find the news of the church’s pedophiles. Maybe we should go to the Archbishops and the pope. This is what was done in the past 70 years and look what it got the victims.The church is using every manipulation to throw the blame elsewhere like look at all the other offenders. It is not unlike a policeman stopping you for speeding and you tell him look at all the other speeders. You get the ticket. Control is powerful motivating tool

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