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Spewing at the mouth, stupid, stupid people… This hysteria and vicious, ignorant, hatred of the church and God, has to stop!

99.6% of priests, over the last 40 yrs, have never had any allegation made against them. Every time you read that the 2001 document from the Holy See imposed a duty on bishops to keep these things secret and hidden from public authorities, know that this is simply untrue. There is nothing in that document to deter or hinder a bishop or a victim from reporting cases to the police. Since this time the HOly See has called for greater vigilance and scrutiny, bishops urged to take action… IT IS THE SAFEST PLACE FOR KIDS ON EARTH – THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

The vast majority of allegations are malicious, they include for example ‘abuse’ of school children by priests who caned them or slapped them, when being disciplined at school, days when corporal punishment and DISCIPLINE was considered a neccessary thing. VERY VERY LATE whingers, why now? Usually because they hate GOD and seek to be bleeding hearts and pathetic victims who have become brain washed by the liberal left! Society, improved since becoming more liberal? Take a good look around you Hitchins, I would not have your world if you flogged me and fed me to the lions.

Perhaps we should arrest the likes of Hitchins for sodomy, many consider this almost as perverted as child abuse. Least ways, he appears to many a total hypocrite in some respects. It is these peoples’ aggressive campaigning, aimed at destroying any moral framework to society, as some kind of brainwashing, that is creating the perfect atmosphere for child abuse and perversions of all kinds.

With absolutely no barriers to dubious sexual practises and relationships, a break down in traditional morality, how much child abuse is there in the English church, probably a great deal more than the RC.

By: doublemadforit Sat, 17 Apr 2010 12:29:16 +0000 Nobody should be above the law particularly in a child abuse case, however is an arrest really needed? Some backbone to stand up to the church is all that is required. The church does not need protection from us but more so we seem to need protection from them. Everyone seems to bend over backwards when the Pontiff wants to visit all through the fear of fire & brimstone, even our sporting events have to move to accommodate ves-british-dressage/
Personally I think that the Pope should keep his head down and deal with the issues inhouse.

By: DanStorkBanks Wed, 14 Apr 2010 20:25:21 +0000 Whilst we all feel the anger of what is going on in the RC church (including many RC’s), who made Dawkins and Hitchens the champions of justice? This seems more like a political stunt -no doubt however they would agree with me however.

It is unlikely to succeed however, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has proposed policies blocking the right of political campaigners to use the courts to issue international arrest warrants. This was in response to the case of UK courts issuing an arrest warrant in 2009 for the former Israeli foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who campaigners accused of war crimes. She was planning a visit to the country but unsurprisingly cancelled her trip.

The courts, knowing that this legislation is coming will preempt it and not issue such a daft warrant. Once the legislation is passed, only the Crown Prosecution Service will be able to request courts issue these warrants, and rightly so.

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By: drosaupan Wed, 14 Apr 2010 13:51:30 +0000 This is a clear demonstration of the enemies of the church’s ignorance of even some basic things such as the immunity from arrest of a Head of State which has a diplomatic relations of said country. If Mr. Dawkins is ignorant on this elementary principle of International Law,how much more on the legal procedures on how the church handled canonical cases such as defrocking of a predator priest without sacrificing due process! Enough is enough for these vindictive and scurrilous campaign against the Catholic Church. It’s soooo disgusting.

By: kanga Tue, 13 Apr 2010 22:44:05 +0000 The arrogance of the Vatican is beyond belief.
The Catholic Church has committed and concealed grave crimes. It is clear that the concealment of child rape occurred at the highest levels of the Church, and better than an arrest of the pope would be a thorough investigation of all Vatican documents, multiple arrests and trials.

The ability, and moral imperative, to arrest the pope exists, only political considerations would stop it.

The tax-exempt status of religions must cease. It is most clearly not a benefit to the community to encourage religion. Keep the tax-exempt status of charitable work, but not religious organisations themselves.