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Another great article. Bravo. So are you ‘deflated’ that the Vatican is NOT coming after you as they are with the poor New York Times. <>
Tom, I am in the midst of a fascinating email ‘debate’ as to the role of the Holy Spirit in the election of popes, in particular Benedict XVI.
I, contend, given that Pope John Paul II makes three very explicit references to the Holy Spirit in his UNIVERSI DOMINICI GREGIS Constitution that covers papal elections, that the Holy Spirit, at a MINIMUM, was aware that Benedict XVI was getting the necessary votes to be elected. To me that is a given. If, you don’t believe that, then you got to have the Holy Spirit watching CNN (or whichever channel YOU were reporting for) waiting to see if the smoke is black or white.
If you subscribe to the belief that the Holy Spirit has SOME hand in the election of a pope, then it leads you to wonder … “even despite the allegations about Cardinal Ratzinger re. scandal cover-up we are hearing today.”
Real curious what other think about this; i.e., role of the Holy Spirit in papal elections and the ramifications thereof when it came to the election of Pope Benedict XVI.
Thanks, Tom
Anura Guruge
P.S. has been totally revamped with more content, including a section titled “In Meus Mens”. (Tom, you must be rather proficient in Latin.)