“Definitely a God” poster tops UK ad complaints

May 26, 2010

christian party

A bus poster which claimed “There definitely is a God, so join the Christian Party and enjoy your life” attracted more complaints than any other advert last year, Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said on Wednesday.

More than 1,200 people complained that the Christian Party‘s advert was offensive to atheists and could not be substantiated.

The poster was a response to an ad campaign last year by the British Humanist Association which stated “There’s probably no God — now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”  The ASA did not investigate either of the adverts, saying political party campaigns were outside its remit.

Read the full story by Kylie MacLellan here.

What do you think? Is the above ad offensive and the one below not?

atheist bus

British atheist Richard Dawkins, who wrote The God Delusion, stands on a bus at the launch of an atheist advertising campaign, in London January 6, 2009/Andrew Winning

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Freedom of speech!

That being said, asserting that there definitely is a god and that it is the Christian god in particular is illogical and bizarre. At least the atheist sign qualified their message with “probably.” The godly advert is offensive to the human intellect but our freedoms give even the stupid the ability to put out an irrational message.

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I don’t see how you can justify one advert as offensive and the other not. As an atheist I don’t agree with the Christian Party’s advert but I’m not offended. I thought it was ridiculous for people to get upset about the posters from the Humanists and try and have them shut down.

Just shows some atheists are as insular and hypocritical as some religious people.

I’d be more curious if the advert is too similar in style, layout and design to constitute some kind of copyright infringement.

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