“Ordain women,” London bus ads will urge Pope Benedict during September visit

August 26, 2010


Pope Benedict will be confronted by posters on London’s famous red buses during his trip to the British capital next month which will call for the ordination of women priests.

One group of women, Catholic Women’s Ordination (CWO), will have its message plastered on the side of the buses as they travel along key routes, including past Westminster Hall, at the Palace of Westminster, where the pope is set to deliver a speech to Britain’s civic society on September 17.

The group has paid 15,000 pounds ($23,130) for 15 buses to carry the message “Pope Benedict – Ordain Women Now!” for a month. “We do not want to be disruptive, but I think the church has got to change or it will not survive,” CWO spokeswoman Pat Brown told Reuters. “I am quite hopeful at the moment because I think the church is in disarray.”

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(Image generated from photo by Jon Worth/British Humanist Association)

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Pope Benedict, please do NOT give in to secularist bullies, gay lobbies and feminists. The Church of England has become a joke, do not follow their path. May the Roman Catholic Church remain the last bastion of sanity in this messed up Western World. Millions of us are supporting the Church in our daily lives. We will be there to show it when you come!!

Posted by Iggy3d | Report as abusive

Empty vessels make the most noise! This type of campaign demonstrates the very reason why it would be wrong to ordain women as priests in the RC church. Women have played and will continue to play extremely important roles in the church but the priesthood is not one of them. Christ shows us that by raising his mother Mary, not to the priesthood, but to a special and important relationship between man and God by giving us His mother to be ours too. “Son behold your mother, mother behold your son”.

Posted by malcray | Report as abusive

Because of minds like yours, the world is what it is now.
We are full of sexist discrimination; we always have been, and for that, it is very difficult to improve people’s minds towards more humans ideas. Why can’t women become priests?
For sure, if Jesus came back here again, he’d be ashamed of what we are now. People still believe there are “superiors”, as much as in the past, black people were considered inferior, or children, or anyone “different”.
The pope won’t change the Catholic Church for these posters, but I am happy to see that, at least, there is the right of expression.

Posted by Daniela_D | Report as abusive

Some controversy? Catholic Woman priests grab my attention in London today – see my blog http://catholic-lovevolution.blogspot.co m/

Posted by Pauliejacks | Report as abusive