German Jews want central banker sacked for comments on Jews and Muslims

August 31, 2010


(Photo: Thilo Sarrazin at the presentation of his book in Berlin, August 30, 2010/Fabrizio Bensch)

Germany’s Jewish community has urged the central bank  to sack a board member who polarised the nation by making disparaging comments about Muslim immigrants and asserting that Jews have a particular genetic makeup.

Dieter Graumann, vice president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, said on Tuesday that Bundesbank board member Thilo Sarrazin was out of line, even as polls showed many Germans support his views.

Sarrazin, 65, has published a book — Deutschland schafft sich ab (Germany does away with itself) — in which he argues Muslim immigrants are undermining German society, refusing to integrate and sponging off the state, according to excerpts in the media.

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Perhaps the Jews should keep a low profile, for once. Just because they CAN (at the current time) impose their will on the broader non-Jewish population doesn’t mean that it is wise policy. Times change and the bill will come due.

Posted by alexander1991 | Report as abusive

”in which he argues Muslim immigrants are undermining German society, refusing to integrate and sponging off the state, according to excerpts in the media.”

Which is one way of seeing it, I suppose. Another way is to see it from the longer view, as in: ”the chicken’s are now coming home to roost.”

The grandparents of today’s Europeans enriched themselves from the sweat and resources of those very same Muslim nations (they now complain about) in the 18th and 19th century. From that theft, they were bequeathed vast wealth and power, with which they’ve shown little inclination of knowing what to do with. Which is often the case with unearned largesse.

And the Karmic response for those ancient acts, began in earnest in the 20th century with WWI and capped-off in good order with WWII — and is still up and running (albeit very badly) in the 21st. With their homelands in shambles and what little is left there, is in the control of foreigners, they do what all living organisms would do — they seek sustenance to save their lives at the source where it is now controlled.

Of course the final act of this play will be the consumption of the host, as with all cancers….. :-/

Posted by DeSwiss | Report as abusive

Here we go again: political correctness tries to trump suggested truths. Instead of muffling people who have views that some disagree with those who disagree should encourage dialogue to understand those viewpoints better. Nothing but ignorance stems from stifling open dialogue.

Posted by Margaretville | Report as abusive

Jews themselves are now claiming, as per recent scientific studies, that they have a distinct genetic makeup.

Plus Sarrazin wasn’t criticizing them. It was actually a veiled compliment.

Posted by CoFunkin | Report as abusive