German Chancellor Merkel honours Mohammad cartoonist at press award

September 9, 2010

merkelChancellor Angela Merkel paid tribute to freedom of speech on Wednesday at a ceremony for a Dane whose cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad provoked Muslim protests that led to 50 deaths five years ago.

Merkel, who grew up in Communist East Germany, recalled her joy over the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989. “Freedom for me personally is the happiest experience of my life,” Merkel, 56, said at the conference on press freedom in Potsdam near Berlin.

(Photo: Kurt Westergaard (L) congratulated by Angela Merkel (R) in Potsdam, September 8, 2010/Odd Andersen)

“Even 21 years after the Berlin Wall fell the force of freedom stirs me more than anything else,” she said.  She called press freedom a “precious commodity”.

Honoured at the event was Kurt Westergaard, who drew the most controversial of 12 cartoons of Mohammad which angered Muslims worldwide after appearing in a Danish paper in 2005. Most Muslims consider any depiction of the founder of Islam to be offensive, and Westergaard’s cartoon portrayed Mohammad with a turban resembling a bomb. At least 50 people died in riots by enraged Muslims in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Aiman Mazyek of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany said in a statement: “Merkel is honouring the cartoonist who in our view trampled on our prophet and trampled on all Muslims.”

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What a shame to be so naive and do something as stupid as this. would she honour researchers and authors of books reviewing the Holocaust story? Ops! Freedom of speech seems to have its own limits after all. The depiction of Moslems (via their non living non contemporary prophet) as terrorists was nothing but a racist and prejudiced act. It is not about Wistergaard’s right to publish his cartoons, it is about his lack of right to depict an entire civilisation as terrorists especially coming from a continent and a civilisation that has mastered the art of killing, murder, slavery, and genocides.

Posted by Hitch71 | Report as abusive

Individual Freedom of Expression is more important than media controlled Freedom of Expression.

Angela Merkel needs to demand that people who disagree with the officially mandated truths about World War II not be subject to imprisonment.

What is being covered up?

Posted by AntonGrambihler | Report as abusive

in the name of god ( (1) Those who disbelieve and avert [people] from the way of Allah – He will waste their deeds
(2) And those who believe and do righteous deeds and believe in what has been sent down upon Muhammad – and it is the truth from their Lord – He will remove from them their misdeeds and amend their condition
(3) That is because those who disbelieve follow falsehood, and those who believe follow the truth from their Lord. Thus does Allah present to the people their comparisons )muhammad – 38

Posted by mmkn | Report as abusive

Germany? Isn’t that the country that imprisons people for questioning the Holocaust?

Posted by Rahmallama | Report as abusive

Very stupid, meaningless, provoking and ignorant.

Posted by ahmadhaggag | Report as abusive

use this “Freedom” ideology for “holocaust” & “911” and abot their interogation.. why double standard..wait ofr the time when we becom standard and benchmark of ytthe world , so your treacherous,cunning, twisty long-term, slow poisonous policies,to keep muslims undermined, submisive ,sorry for itslf..tiem never remains the same and yes history repeats itself you are one” we muslims are “One again” INSHALLAH!!

Posted by meetbuddy | Report as abusive