Indian Supreme Court orders Ayodhya mosque verdict postponed

September 23, 2010

ayodhya 2

(Photo: Rapid Action Forces personnel patrol in Ayodhya, September 22, 2010/Adnan Abidi)

The Indian Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the Allahabad High Court to delay a potentially explosive verdict on whether Hindus or Muslims own land around the Babri mosque in Ayodhya.

The Supreme Court’s decision on Thursday came after an appeal to the stay on the judgment, saying the matter could be settled out of court. The Supreme Court will meet on Sept. 28 to decide on the appeal and commentators said the date of the actual verdict by the high court — originally due on Friday — was now unclear.

The central government has been on alert for any fallout from the verdict, appealing for calm. It banned public meetings in the state and stopped all bulk mobile text messages since they could be used to spread rumours and plan riots.

A verdict in favour of the Hindus would force the government to uphold the verdict, making it unpopular with Muslims, a key vote bloc. A ruling for the Muslims would mean the government would have to push Hindu groups out of the site, a political minefield.

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The case is simple Ram Mandir was destroyed by a evader called Babar and he name it as ‘Babri Masjid’. Babar was not an Indian and he has ruled India by force. To regain Mandir back the struggle continued for centuries by Hindus. It remained disputed at the time of British Rule and also at the time of Independence in 1947. Now Muslims are claiming it, naturally on behalf of evader called ‘Babar’. There is no claimant on behalf of Babar from his family in India, but Government has created a claimant called ‘Wakf Board’ i.e. the fight which was lost by Hindu in 1526 is continued now also with ‘Wakf Board’ a Babar’s representative. India is not an independent country now also.

Actually Delhi was also won by him and why not to name Delhi as ‘Babri Delhi’ and give Delhi to Wakf Board, and why not to give back Delhi to English Wakf Board and if dispute arise divide Delhi in to three rulers i.e. Babar’s Delhi, British Delhi and balance to Bharat Delhi equally.

Posted by anilbali49 | Report as abusive

some donkeys in this world do not know.. that Ram existed in a story/epic called Ramayan. The other fact is that there is no real evidence that there was temple prior to mosque. The hard reality is that it was a Mosque which rightly belongs to Muslims and as citizens of India they have ownership to it. Criminals who demolished it for their own political purpose through illiterate and by blood slave donkeys of India should be tried for treason to the constitution of india.

Posted by Indianness | Report as abusive