Indian court to rule on Ayodhya mosque row on Thursday

September 28, 2010

ayodhyaAn Indian court will rule on Thursday whether Hindus or Muslims own land around a demolished mosque in northern India, a judgment haunted by memories of 1992 riots that killed some 2,000 people.

Those riots were some of the country’s worst religious violence since Partition in 1947 and a verdict on the case may spark more disturbances between India’s majority Hindus and minority Muslims.

(Photo: Hindu militants demolish the disputed mosque in Ayodhya, December 6, 1992/Sunil Malhotra)

The case over the 16th century Babri mosque in northern Uttar Pradesh state’s Ayodhya town is one of the biggest security challenges in India this year, along with a Maoist insurgency and a Kashmiri separatist rebellion, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said.

“The verdict will be announced on 30th (September) at 3:30 p.m. (1000 GMT),” said Subodh Sahay, registrar of the court in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

Read the full story here. See also Q+A – India braces for politically charged mosque verdict.

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I would like to propose a solution for the Ayodhya dispute.

Muslims should hand over the Ayodhya site to the real Hindus in India.
To a panel of Hindu religious and community leaders who have proven records of upholding the real values of Dharma, love and tolerance.

There must be a guarantee from the Hindu community and the government, that the Hindu fanatic organizations (BJP/RSS/VHP/BD etc.) will have no stake in the ownership, no participation or interest in constructions or maintenance of the temple or mosque.

The constructions must include a mosque in a nearby site, which is deemed by the Hindu leaders’ panel as approriate. Again, complete charge must be given to a panel of commony acceptable religious personalities, not to extremists or communal fanatics among Muslims.

The two major aspects of this solution:

1. It is a great opportunity for the Muslims to show their compromising and tolerant attitude in the interest of this great

nation with a rich culture and legacy of mutual respect and peaceful co-existence.

2. Hindus in India need to isolate the communal fanatics among them, who has grossly mis-used the name of Hinduism and patriotism, while they have practised evil and furthered narrow and fascist interest against the true spirits of the nation’s culture. It has been a wrong practice among Hindus and even others including governments to consider the fanatics as represetnatives of Hindus. Most of the temples, religious institutions and even ideological matters within Hinduism are left under the control and discretion of these fanatics and they are happily exploiting them for their mean interests. By proposing this deal of Ayodhya, Muslim community will be pointing a strong finger at this social anomaly.

Posted by ameer_mpm | Report as abusive

What is the matter with all the brains in India? Administrators, planning comission, central Govt and others.

India is hosting Common Wealth Games, the preperations are far less than adequate, conditions for road, traffice and infrastructue is poor for planned event.

The last thing India needs is a biased judgement on communical issues…. it is sad how adminstrative bodies mess up with masses and make a joke of emerging county.

There is NO reason why the judgement could not postponed for 4-5 weeks till after the fact that a huge international event is done and over with……

God bless India…..

Posted by hkdahima | Report as abusive

i don’t know why the Indian government get into a case where all the major activities was done before it’s existence?

Posted by Jagjit | Report as abusive

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