Dutch may introduce burqa ban as early as 2011

December 16, 2010


(Photo: Geert Wilders in The Hague, December 16, 2010/Jerry Lampen)

The Netherlands could ban full face veils worn by some Muslim women,as soon as next year, Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders told Reuters in an interview on Thursday. Wilders’ populist Freedom Party is the third largest in parliament and provides crucial support to the minority ruling coalition in exchange for the government taking a tougher line on Islam and immigration from non-Western countries.

His party has grown in popularity largely because of his outspoken criticism of Islam, which he describes as “a violent ideology.” He has been charged with inciting hatred against Muslims for comparing Islam to Nazism. The case is due to start over again following a request for new judges.

“We are not a single issue party but the fight against a fascist ideology Islam is for us of the utmost importance,” said Wilders, who argues his comments about Islam are protected by freedom of speech.

Wilders said immigration from Muslim countries “is very dangerous to the Netherlands. We believe our country is based on Christianity, on Judaism, on humanism, and we believe the more Islam we get, the more it will not only threaten our culture and our own identity but also our values and our freedom.”

The burqa ban, which his party agreed as part of a pact with the minority coalition, is due to come into force within four years and possibly as soon as next year or 2012, he said.

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One might argue that this burqa ban is long overdue and that this outfit symbolises non-interaction, non-integration and distance. One must find it impossible to start an introduction to someone whose eyes are hardly visible and if the eyes are visible it’s the outfit that stifles any introduction let alone conversation and friendship. This is precisely what some old gentleman used to say from years ago; ‘it’s not the West one should watch out for; they won’t take your land and freedom … but it is Islam, a political and religious stand which is altogether different from what everyone had known that one should worry about’. And now it seems Geert Wilders must have seen the light, so to speak for no one like him have said that Islam is ‘incompatible with freedom of discussion and speech’ even though politicians are witnessing and seeing the obvious.

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