Comments on: Bashir plans Islamic law if Sudan splits, defends flogging woman Religion, faith and ethics Sat, 23 Apr 2016 23:25:07 +0000 hourly 1 By: BHOlied Thu, 06 Jan 2011 15:10:39 +0000 wakerupper,

foolishness – there is nothing just with sharia law. It’s just if you are a man – slavery if you are a woman and discrimination (or worse) to all who believe in anything other than islam.

go build a country of ‘peace’ – ha, good luck with that crazy

By: wakerupper Mon, 20 Dec 2010 00:18:58 +0000 The western peoples are only talking about the flogging and the banning… But Sharia is much more than that… it is the promise of a better, a more just world!

and a far more just economic system…

My humble advice to the muslim leaders:

Let’s keep the flogging and the banning on the back burner for now.

Let’s instead build a truly stable Islamic Economy. An economy where money is not printed out of thin air. An economy where banks don’t lend money they don’t really have. Where people are not walking around carrying checkbooks and cards which give them the ability to buy with money that doesn’t even exist! This kind of a system essentially lets a minority live off by stealing from the unaware unorganized majority.

Let’s build an economy with REAL WEALTH not FAKE MONEY.

An economy that will be SLOWER, SUSTAINABLE and NATURAL.

Let’s make a transition plan that slowly rids the country of money lenders who enslave with deception and fake promises.

Let’s build a system that is decentralized, where people are free to work with their community currencies, keeping ownership of their local wealth.

When the wealth is real and is under local ownership then communities begin to feel empowered and then slowly are able to transform spiritually.

First get rid of the thieves in the government and the banks before you start cutting the hands of citizens for stealing.

First transform the indecent political systems of lying and stealing before you lift one whip to flog a woman for indecency.

Remember Umar ya Omar! Fear your Rabb ya amir ul muslimeen of Sudan…

You have the opportunity of building a truly spiritual society, an example of a nation.. a light to all the other nations of the world…

a nation truly striving towards Justice
a nation truly centered in The Reality of the Meeting with God when all will be revealed and all nations will kneel

Let’s build that Great Nation ya Omar… let’s build a nation for the Glory of God.

And lets not rush into punishing the people who have been living in the illusions for ages…
who have never seen the glory of a Just Islamic system …
who have only dreamed and longed for a Law that is True and Compassionate and Forgiving

let’s first give them that experience
let’s first build a country of peace
let’s first create a community that truly remembers God The Merciful The Compassionate…

then we may have the right to flog the indecent by The Law of God