Nepal Christians threaten ‘corpse’ protest in burial row

January 27, 2011

pashupatinathChristians in Nepal have threatened to parade corpses in the capital to press the government into finding them alternative burial grounds after burials near the country’s holiest Hindu shrine were banned.

Christians account for less than two percent of Hindu-majority Nepal’s 28 million people. Authorities barred them this month from burying their dead in the forested graveyard at Sleshmantak saying the land belonged to the Pashupatinath Hindu temple, a U.N. heritage site in Kathmandu.

(Photo: Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu September 2, 2008/Shruti Shrestha)

“Burial after death is a fundamental human right and the government is violating this by not giving us any place to bury the dead,” C.B.Gahatraj, a senior official of the Committee for Christian Recommendation for New Constitution told Reuters.

“If we don’t get an alternative burial site we’ll be forced to protest with corpses in front of the Singha Durbar,” Gahatraj said referring to the government complex that houses the prime minister’s office and the parliament.

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Now it is crystal clear as to why the evangelist Jimmy Carter and others worked so hard in abolishing monarchy in Nepal and making it a non-Hindu state. The christian have the crypto christist Prachanda as the front for their nefarious activities. Of all the places why the holiest of holy temples Pashupathi natha temples? Why not some other place? All these years they lied low becaue of Hindu rule. Now they want to bury their dead in the precincts of the holy temple? Is not this the ploy the christian terrorists have employed the world over to encroach on pagan lands and finally claim it to be theirs? What if Hindus atart cremating in the land belonging to the Vatican diocese? This is atrocious! Hindus must unite and defeat the christian terrorists who come under false Hindu names and white frocks!

Posted by RajaMadhwa | Report as abusive

Mr RajaMadhwa, you don’t understand what you are talking about. It is the forested graveyard not the holiest of holy temple what you are talking about. The word you are using “Christian terrorist”, is not reasonable phrase. The important thing what you dont understand is we are not looking for that particular place for burial but we would accept any other burial place which is convenient. Christian never came in a false name, but they come as a Christian. These Christian are Nepalese and they love Nepal more than you fellas.

Posted by Enoch123 | Report as abusive