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“It’s okay Muslims are nice to them but…etc. etc.” I suppose you’ll propose Egypt be split into another country based solely on religion and a sense of entitlement.

Your list of questions pose no answer of their own. Allow me to provide what opinions I may.

1.Against Mubarrak and his rule, we give Egypt over 1 Bil. annually so that he maintains peace with Israel and protect our oil profits.

2. So what? excellent response. The problem is that our country does business without any regard to it’s geopolitical impact.

3. The rest of the Arab leaders? 2 wars, and an untold amount of skirmishes show what we unfortunately can, or could have done, not to mention ending said Aid.

4. Yes, yes they are. but you do not see a man kicking his brother and decide to join in. (suppose unless your american, as it would make an excellent youtube video)

5. As to who invaded who, you sir need a history lesson. in any case, it is beside the point. To them the US are the invaders, and the fact is not negated by the past.

As to your snippet at the end. I don’t believe he claimed piety or even cleanliness, though I hope the latter is inferred. The attempt was petty, and does nothing but show your own sense of self righteousness.

By: Sands Wed, 16 Feb 2011 18:53:26 +0000 What was any country to do against Mubarak and his rule? They did business with him, so what? How about the rest of the Arab leaders? Aren’t Arabs being oppressed by their own? Why do you expect the whole world to stop and be outraged at Mubarak?
Where were all the Muslim complaints against the tortures in the Sudan against the Muslim north?
How about the Ottoman genocide against Armenians? I don’t see any Muslim country boycotting Turkey.

By: Sands Wed, 16 Feb 2011 18:50:33 +0000 And who says the Middle East is Muslim only? No, Egypt has a 10% Christian population. It’s ok to say that Muslims are nice to them, but you think it’s a Muslim’s right to rule over them. Don’t forget that before the Ottomans and other invaders, like the Arabs into Egypt, that this region was Christian. Don’t forget that the Jews built Jerusalem, before the Muslims took it over. It’s you that’s the invader. So don’t be talking about how the West divided up the middle East, they were only the latest invaders. The earlier ones are the Muslims.
It’s not only your land. You’re not the only important, pious and clean people in the world. There are others too.

By: tmiker Tue, 15 Feb 2011 19:34:37 +0000 Oh Academia! Some pretty flowery language to express very real and astute observations. The problem is, as I think you say, americans perception of Islam is shaped by a news media that would lead one to believe all muslim men are either planting roadside bombs or firing off the Kalishnikovs at wedding parties when they’re not forcing veils and burkas on their wives and daughters after a beating. There has been so little attempt to understand that Islam is as diverse as Christianity and Christianity has its’ ugly, extreme fundamentalists as well. Also we should all be more informed about how the Christian West divided up the Middle East and sowed the seeds for today’s problems for the sake of oil. We have supported brutal and oppressive dictatorships in the name of stability when we all should know it’s not stability at all we seek unless it’s stable cooperation in pusuing business profitable to american corporations. How many americans are aware of the business this country did with the Shah of Iran or how much business americans did with Sadaam Hussein during the entire Reagan administration and the first part of the Bush admin. All the time we delude ourselves in thinking we set an example of democracy for the rest of the world.