Over 800 complaints to Austrian Catholic Church sexual abuse commission

April 13, 2011

(The towers of Votivkirche church in Vienna August 10, 2010/Heinz-Peter Bader)

An Austrian commission investigating sexual abuse cases in the Roman Catholic Church said on Wednesday over 800 people had come forward to register as victims in the past year. Over a third of the cases have been settled, the head of the commission, Waltraud Klasnic, told a news conference. She said the number of complaints showed that the church must screen priests more carefully and look into their mental state before allowing them to qualify.

Klasnic said the commission, which was set up a year ago, was also looking into the structures that allowed such abuse and violence to occur, according to remarks carried by the Austria Press Agency (APA). Around three-quarters of the 837 complaints involved male victims. The commission does not pass legal judgment but hands over plausible cases to the authorities and most have the cases processed so far have involved compensation.

Abuse scandals in Austrian Catholic institutions have badly damaged the religion’s image with a record 87,000 people quitting the church in 2010. Hundreds of reports of child sexual abuse in Austrian Catholic institutions were triggered by the resignation of an arch-abbot in Salzburg last April after he admitted to sexually abusing a boy 40 years ago.

The abuse crisis has also hit the United States and several other European countries, including the pope’s native Germany.

The church plays an important role in Austria, a socially conservative Alpine country of 8 million, where around two-thirds of people described themselves as Catholic in 2008.

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This seems like it will never end. They have done nothing to solve the problem They’ve always covered it up. At least one priest tried to put a hit on a kid. One priest told a kid that he was getting him closer to God. Thirteen people killed themselves in Belgium. The pope reprimanded the priest that worked with the authorities before the news broke and then issued a public apology after the news broke. It seems he was more sympathetic towards the fact that the news was discovered. The Catholic Church’s only solution has been to blame the gay community. As if homosexuals outside the church are to blame for the one’s doing what they do within it and as if judgment hasn’t been tried before? And saying that they won’t allow any more homosexuals into the church. Does anyone really believe the men said they were homosexuals when they became priests? Hopefully 2000 years from now when they’re still doing it, society will smarten up enough to say sex should be between adults…PERIOD! But unfortunately, society sees more reward in condemning same-sex consensual adult partners than people who rape children, it always has. It seems few people outside the Church are even paying attention to the crisis anymore.

Posted by JoshuaRay | Report as abusive

Teh church is filth and perhaps the worst criminal organization in the western world.

Back about 1000AD the church stopped priests from marrying, and in the queerest marriage of them all, had the priests married to the church, including getting a wedding ring.

the reason was so the church and not the priests family would inherit his property.

Aand that is a primary component of what led to and continues to lead to sex abuse.

If the church wanted to stop the abuse, they wouldn’t get rid of gay priests but make sure only gays could be priests. This way they could have the priests still married to the church, but getting their satisfaction from other age appropriate partners.

Posted by SteveMD2 | Report as abusive