Anti-pope protesters confront Madrid police and Catholic WYD pilgrims (pix)

August 18, 2011

Thousands of¬† Spanish protesters opposed to the cost of Pope Benedict’s World Youth Day visit to Madrid confronted police¬† and Catholic pilgrims defending the international youth festival on Wednesday evening (see our text coverage and video here).

Here are some scenes caught by our photographers on the spot:

(Policemen scuffle with protesters during a demonstration against what they claim is the expensive cost of the papal visit in central Madrid coinciding with the second day of the World Youth Day meeting August 17, 2011/Juan Medina)

(Protesters fill much of Madrid's landmark Puerta del Sol square/Susana Vera)

(A protester holds a sign reading "'Ratzinger fibber, Christ would have visited Somalia"/Juan Medina

(Pilgrims pray as protesters try to set a World Youth Day flag on fire/Susana Vera)

(Policemen charge anti-pope protesters/Juan Medina)

(Protesters taunt a nun/Juan Medina)

(Protesters are pushed back by police. The sign in the centre of the picture "Did Jesus live off of taxes?"/Susana Vera)

(Policemen stand in front of protesters taunting a nun/Juan Medina)

(A protester rebukes pilgrims as they pray during the demonstration/Susana Vera)


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The event does not cost Spanish taxpayers any money, nor is the government paying for the Catholic event. people need to learn the fact before they speak

Posted by daver626 | Report as abusive

So remind me again, who is INTOLERANT?

Posted by tcip66 | Report as abusive

I would imagine that a 1 million pilgrims (at least) would be good for Spanish economy. Making this protest utterly pointless. These photos are sad, such hatred.

Posted by Kaitbate | Report as abusive

This is the evil of liberalism in action.

Posted by Norsen | Report as abusive

How sad this all is. The question is “Would Jesus approve of this gay/lesbian protesters taunting and hatred of these peaceful people of Christ?” Where is the tolorance to others as they demand unpeaceably for themselves. You could not ever make a wrong right no matter what it adds up to. What was wrong since creation is wrong today. Take it up with upon themselves to search for the one and only truth.

Posted by FSHS | Report as abusive

Why haven’t you posted my comment?

Posted by FSHS | Report as abusive

Do you know that the BBC radio is anti-Catholic?

They spent so much time talking about the protesters, interviewing the protesters, letting the world listen to the FALSE NEWS spewed by those protesters and then, the BBC radio actually had a “Talk Back” segment, focus on the topic “Should tax money be used to fund Pope’s visit to Madrid, Spain?”

And when all that failed, BBC came out with this headline —

“Pope’s speech was interrupted by a VIOLENT storm”, and BBC was emphasizing the word “VIOLENT”, as if they are implying that God doesn’t like what Pope is doing in Madrid.

Oh yes, that’s BBC radio, funded by the taxpayers of England.

Posted by kalambong | Report as abusive

FSHS, have a little patience please. You sent your “why haven’t you…?” message only 10 minutes after sending the original comment. Journalists who approve comments for this blog also have other things to do. The delay had nothing to do with the content, just work schedules.

Posted by Tom Heneghan | Report as abusive

And here is a newsflash: The United Kingdom and the BBC are all right with anti-Catholocism. There’s a 300 year old law that forbids the monarchy to marry a Catholic. When Pope Benedict XVI visited England, there was a group of radicals who wanted him arrested for the alledged sexual abuses. If you want to help these people, just pray for them.

Posted by JanetCA | Report as abusive