Supporters of pope’s German visit blast Bundestag boycott plan

September 21, 2011

(A protest poster opposing the visit to Germany by Pope Benedict XVI is pictured in the hallway of a building in Berlin's district of Kreuzberg September 21, 2011/Pawel Kopczynski)

Supporters of Pope Benedict’s tour of Germany this week criticised on Wednesday politicians who expressed doubts over his conservative views, his planned speech to parliament and the cost of his visit. With one day to go before his arrival, Berlin police began closing streets and imposing high-level security in parts of the capital where the German-born pontiff will appear at the beginning of his four-day tour.

As a foretaste of protests by gay and lesbian groups that may rally 20,000 people in Berlin, paint bombs were hurled at the Vatican embassy where he will stay in the gritty Neukoelln district and at a nearby Roman Catholic church.

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich, a Protestant, criticised a group of 100 parliamentarians planning to boycott the pope’s address to the Bundestag (lower house) on Thursday for “arrogance, narrow-mindedness and provincialism”. He told the Tagesspiegel daily the pope’s address would be an opportunity for politicians to reflect on ethical issues.

Wolfgang Thierse, a deputy speaker, said some left-wingers supporting the boycott had put their case aggressively. “No deputy will be forced to attend,” he said. “No deputy who listens has to agree with the pope’s views.” Thierse, a Catholic, said he too disagreed with Benedict on some issues. “But what does that have to do with parliament?” he asked on German Radio. “Can one speak in parliament only after passing an ideological test?”

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8, October, 2011.

To… Faith News,

This missive is sent as an open letter & published item which may be distributed.

In response your article on the Popes September 2011 address to German Parliament.

On the matter of natural law vs. created or revealed law.

Muslims claim… ~Islam purged & restored as pristine, the laws which were present in the natural religions; before they were perverted by Jews & Christians who falsified by the human hand~

This Christian holds… ~We are raised up & saved in the created law off the creator God of the Bible; & pristine natural law, is one off the things we are saved from~

My understanding is natural law is rule of the strongest or law of the jungle, created (Biblically revealed or developed law) a struggle for higher principles & concepts.

Natural law… ~might is right~… Biblical (created) law… ~make right mighty~

Opening up contest who defines right, or whose right? Yet at least the principle of right over might has been established, so lifting the debate to a higher plane.

Please refer to ~Isaac & Ishmael~ 6 pages, a published document posted to my Webb-site under Christianity tab.


The points below are drawn from other works in my files, & sent to you as they seem relevant to some of the issues raised in the Popes speech.

God vs. mammon.

Most articles on business, politics & economics today, ignore the religious imperatives which originally molded western society. For instance, the west did not receive democracy from the Greeks… ~government off the people, by the people for the people~ Western democracy was born out of the Protestant Reformation ~government of a Christian people, by a Christian people, for the purposes of the Biblical God~ Spot the difference. In God we trust, not mammon.

Go to a WINZ office today, a Pagan saying features on the walls… ~What is the greatest thing, I tell you it is the people, it is the people, it is the people~ Ask the Bible & it tells us… ~It is God in the highest, God in the highest, God in the highest~ Spot the difference.
The secular talks about human authority & pandering to human rights. The Bible holds mans status as ~head tenant~ a position that commands neither authority nor right; it holds both to be illegitimate & all that is illegitimate rots. Human authority rots into tyranny, human rights rot into anarchy. The Bible instructs governments to rule in ~His~ righteousness & the people to live in ~His~ Grace. Spot the difference.

I agree there may not be any direct link between human rights & Grace. As human rights are mainly a product of societies with Christian roots, Grace will have influenced the emergence of western human rights, yet I remain unconvinced rights are a correct understanding of Grace. As such, I doubt they are a true descendant of Grace.

Sex attracts couples to each other for the affection & fulfillment they find in each other. This is the same whether it be a casual affair, a civil union or a sanctified marriage.

Strangely, couples are never a twosome, always a threesome; the third party being either mammon or God.

Civil unions may only be concerned with the self interest of the two people involved, or the couple may expand to pick up the burden of broader community interest. Yet regardless off the scale of operation, civil unions always exist to know & serve the will of mammon.

In sanctified unions the third party is God, & again regardless of the scale of the operation, sanctified unions seek to know & serve the will of God. Spot the difference.

Christians believe Christmas is about the birth of Christ, who art our salvation; the secular world believes it is about the coming of Santa Claus, who art our free presents. Spot the difference.

Lastly, this Protestant who called western democracy into being in the first place, believes ~unto all things there is a purpose & a season~ Secular democracy having served its purpose & had its season; has reached its ~place in abeyance by~ date, & I have advocated that for some number of years.

Message ends… Ken Maynard, Auckland; NZ. Home page…

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