Americans opposed to gay marriage dwindle – survey

September 29, 2011

(Phyllis Sifel (L) and Connie Kopelov celebrate after being married at the marriage bureau in lower Manhattan July 24, 2011/Allison Joyce)

Nearly half of Americans support same-sex marriage and the proportion who are accepting of homosexuality is increasing, University of Chicago researchers have said.  The results show a clear “trend toward greater tolerance regarding homosexuality,” said Tom Smith of the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago.

The Center’s General Social Survey showed on Wednesday that support for same-sex marriage rose from 11 percent of Americans in 1988 to 46 percent approving of it in 2010. For the first time supporters outnumbered the 40 percent who were opposed. Six states and the District of Columbia allow same-sex marriage. Thirty-nine states specifically ban it.

Younger American adults surveyed were much more accepting of same-sex marriage than older Americans, illustrated by support among 64 percent of those under 30 compared to 27 percent among those older than 70. The survey, which has been taken every other year for 40 years, found 86 percent supported a gay person’s right to speak before a public audience, 24 points higher than in 1972. Also, 84 percent supported allowing gays to teach at colleges or universities, up from 48 percent in 1973.

The change in acceptance of homosexuality began in the late 1980s, the researchers said. In 1987, 75 percent felt same-sex relations were “always wrong,” but that number fell to 43.5 percent in 2010. The U.S. Census Bureau on Tuesday estimated the number of same-sex married couple households in the United States at 131,279.

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It is still wrong. It is not natural. Their surveys are biased in what ever direction they want them to be slanted. It is a fact of statistics.

Posted by wahala | Report as abusive

It’s marriage, period; and/or marriage equality..

Cheers, Joe Mustich, CT USA,
Justice of the Peace;
Minister, ULC

Posted by CornetMustich | Report as abusive

Gay marriage is an oxymoron as is planned parenthood! Expand domestic partner rights, etc-ok, but calling live in friends a marriage is a joke! When we mess with the traditional family unit, we’ve lost it completely! It’ll cause anarchy and be real expensive! When we invite hell into our country, don’t be suprised when a hell breaks loose!

Posted by DrJJJJ | Report as abusive

People gets tired…even if it is wrong – they’ll say let it be! These people are influencing kids. i barely see people like them 20 yrs ago in my place, but now you won’t sure what your baby will be like when it grows.

Posted by kimat11 | Report as abusive

Every time you listen to the big dogs in the liberal news media, they will tell you the same thing … that Americans want homosexual marriage legalized and have a (((FAKE))) poll to back up their lies. I say FAKE because homosexual marriage has been banned in 30 state constitutions since 2004, including ultra-liberal homosexual-saturated California, and that couldn’t happen unless a MAJORITY opposed it. When you consider how hard it is to pass a state constitutional amendment (usually 3/5 majority), that is nothing short of amazing.

Despite the FAKE polls, it is highly probable that homosexual marriage will be banned in North Carolina and Minnesota next year, and repealed in New Hampshire and Iowa shortly thereafter. That’s 34 states. We are closing in on the magic number of 38 … the number of states required to ratify and amendment to the US Constitution.

Posted by MaryWaterton | Report as abusive

It is all about equality to all. Equality in the legal terms.
Why a homosexual couple  be deprived the   legal protection under federal or state laws as heterosexual couple? They have children, work, contribute to society, pay taxes, and they  are this country citizens. They have the same needs  as heterosexual  couples/ families. Examples? Such as survivorship social security benefits, inheritance tax benefits, family health benefits. 
These are the most apparent examples not to mentioned treatment as a second class citizens.
I have been against rights for homosexual couples, but one day as I have been thinking about it, I have asked myself why??? Why am I opposing? Simple. Sexual aspect of homosexual relationships. Bingo. Then I thought, so what is wrong with any two people loving and respecting each other, wanting to share life together. The answer is nothing. It became an issue when you add sexuality as part of these relationships. Mainly because of my upbringing and ignorance on the human sexuality. Then as a catholic, the question  Is would God approve it? God in His infinite wisdom forgave us and asks us to forgive and love each other. Why would not He? 

Posted by Anonymous | Report as abusive

@kimat11…The ones who were always wrong are the ones who say “let it be.” The ones who know that they are right never stop fighting and always win in the end.

Posted by nope2 | Report as abusive

@wahala… define natural. 1500 different species engage in homosexual behavior including apes, birds, insects, whales, cats, dogs, and many more. seems pretty natural to me.

Posted by nope2 | Report as abusive