Canadian imams to speak out against “honor killing” in Muslim families

December 7, 2011

(A mosque dome (Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosquein Isfahan), 24 August 2006/Linda Cetacea)

Canadian imams plan to condemn the “misguided notion” of so-called honor killings in their Friday sermons this week, responding to the high-profile trial of a father accused of murdering his three teenage daughters, allegedly because they shamed his Afghan family.

The two dozen imams, backed by 60 Canadian Muslim groups, will plead for action to fight domestic violence, perhaps quoting comments from the prophet Mohammad that “the best amongst you is he who treats women the best.”

“We felt very strongly that we had a responsibility to make it very, very clear that honor killings — so-called honor killings; we don’t want to consider them anything honorable — have absolutely nothing to do with Islam,” said Sikander Hashmi, an imam in the Ontario city of Kingston where the trial is taking place.

Canadian-born Hashmi said he addressed the issue in a sermon to the 150 to 200 people in his mosque last month and plans to do so again this Friday.

The issue hit the headlines as an Afghan immigrant businessman, his wife and his son face trial for the 2009 drowning deaths of the three teenagers, and of a fourth woman, said by the prosecution to have been the businessman’s first wife. The young women allegedly shamed the clan with dating and other practices.

The three defendants deny the charges, and say it was all an unfortunate accident that they had nothing to do with.

But in the murder trial the prosecution played a secretly recorded tape of remarks the father, Mohammad Shafia, made to his son Hamed in the weeks after the deaths: “Even if they hoist me up onto a gallows, nothing is more dear to me than my honor.”

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This is wonderful news but these men still say they are Muslims. Unfortunately, you can be a Muslim or be against honour killing but not both. The testimony of Muslim witnesses of the words and action of Mohamed make it clear that Muslims who fall away from Islam are to be killed.

An unruly children or wives are considered apostate. Thus, they are candidates for an honour killing.

What Mohamed did or said or permitted is Islam, nothing else. These imams know they are lying to us and this is permitted by Allah if the truth brings disgrace to Islam.

Please check the hadiths of Sahih (genuine or authentic) Bukhari to learnt the truth about Islam.

Posted by GuyMacher | Report as abusive

You have no honor when you murder your children.

Posted by jlparker | Report as abusive

Its all lies. The only thing Muslims care about is furthering their agenda for Islamic world domination. Don’t believe the lies of these Imams they are just trying to put a good face on Islam.

Posted by MapleLeaf101 | Report as abusive