French far-right turns to halal meat as next political wedge issue

February 20, 2012

(Packages of Halal food are displayed in a supermarket in Nantes, western France, September 7, 2010. REUTERS/Stephane Mahe)

A TV documentary’s revelation that slaughterhouses around Paris have switched meat production entirely to halal methods has stirred a political storm in France, where attitudes to Europe’s largest Muslim minority are a subtext in a presidential election campaign. The France 2 documentary last week said all of the abattoirs in the greater Paris region were producing only halal-style meat, selling some without labelling it as such to avoid the cost of running separate lines for halal and non-halal customers.

Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen – who is hoping to win voters away from centre-right President Nicolas Sarkozy ahead of the two-round election in April and May – has seized on the issue. “All the abattoirs of the Paris region have succumbed to the rules of a minority. We have reason to be disgusted,” Le Pen told a rally in Lille on Saturday, pledging to file a legal complaint.

In a country known for its obsession with the provenance of its cuisine, the issue could play with a wider audience than the far right, including animal rights groups, consumer advocates and food industry professionals.

Some European animal rights campaigners say that the Islamic halal and Jewish kosher rules for ritual slaughter are less humane than standard European practice, because they ban the practice of stunning animals before they are killed.

“This polemic requires us to call for more transparency,” Frederic Freund, director of a group called Aid to Animals in Abattoirs (OABA), told RTL radio during a call-in programme.

Halal meat, slaughtered according to Islamic norms, is a booming market in France and growing demand for it on school, hospital and company canteen menus has already caused tension and misunderstandings between Muslims and non-Muslims. Officials say most of the meat consumed in and around Paris is slaughtered outside the region and much of it still comes from slaughterhouses that use non-halal methods.

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This article implies at one point and asserts at another that the non-halal practice of stunning the animal before killing it is more humane. A great deal of research, tracking EEG and ECG, suggests that the opposite is true.

If the animal’s throat is cut with a sufficiently sharp knife, it registers no feeling, then quickly and painlessly dies through loss of blood. Although it convulses violently in its closing moments, this is a reflexive spinal reaction; the brain has ceased being sensate by this point.

On the other hand, the ECG records show the animal registers intense pain when the stun bolt hits it.

Posted by paddydubai | Report as abusive

Great comments from ‘paddydubai’. The key to resolving this and all issues, real or invented, is through knowledge and truth-seeking, not through reactionary ignorance and prejudice.

Posted by beaudin | Report as abusive