Romney’s tough line on immigration jars with some fellow Mormons

February 28, 2012

(Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney speaks during a campaign event in Mesa, Arizona February 13, 2012. REUTERS/Joshua Lott)

For years, Nora Castaneda watched her Mormon community grow and grow as it drew converts from a burgeoning Hispanic population in Mesa, Arizona. Then, in 2010, it all went into slow motion. It turned out the author of Arizona’s tough illegal immigration law, then State Senator Russell Pearce, was a Mormon. As word got around, the dark-suited missionaries who’d been having great success in this Phoenix suburb were suddenly having doors slammed in their faces.

“Now we hardly have a baptism,” Castaneda said.

The strongest growth for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in recent years has come overseas, and one of its richest source of recruits in the United States is the Hispanic community. As Arizona prepares to holds its Republican presidential primary Tuesday, tensions over immigration within the sizeable Mormon community are bubbling beneath the surface – in a way that could cause discomfort for candidate Mitt Romney, the on-again, off-again frontrunner.

Romney, a Mormon, has said the federal government should drop its legal case against Arizona’s hardline law, and that the government should stop providing immigrants with “magnet” services that attract them, as well as enforcing the border. The Arizona Republic newspaper endorsed Romney, but said “his effort to position himself as the ‘toughest’ GOP candidate on immigration issues is a concern.”

A Romney spokeswoman declined to discuss the Mormon church’s stance on immigration.

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Yes, so much tension that 95% of Mormons are voting for him. This fly-by hit piece has no research or facts to back it up. The Left just tries to divide as their only strategy.
Take this Euro-trash journalism back to your Continent where it belongs. You must be so proud of Greece.

Posted by Logicalfallacy2 | Report as abusive

If in fact Romney does not take a tough stance on immigration, he will in fact lose 89% of us here in Montana. We need a Republican to balance the system, a young educated Romney shows all the promise we can hope for in a GOP runner. This bashing of each elected official the media that spends half of the coverage time needs to end. Psychological profiling does not waiver an educated Americans opinion, you failed to make Mitts financial situation show he was in some way greedy and/or guilty of something. Now you go after a man’s faith. This is why we as Americans cannot advance as a culture. Because so many will heed to your disgusting accusations. As if this was his sole purpose-to create an assembly line of illegal conversions through Arizona. Get back to the fundamentals of an election, and focus on a man’s goals, his ambitions and most of all his ability to be our president. And not just one with a fancy pair of lips on his mouth that lacks a spine to hold them with. Now get on with it will you.
Sincerely, Joshua Berkey concerned citizen of Montana.

Posted by Anonymous | Report as abusive