Muslim Brotherhood candidate says introducing sharia in Egypt is his main goal

April 5, 2012

(Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Khairat el Shater attends a pro-democracy rally at Tahrir Square in Cairo March 4, 2011. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El-Ghany)

The Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate for the Egyptian presidency, Khairat al-Shater, declared that introducing sharia law would be his “first and final” objective if he wins elections in May and June.

Making his first reported statements since the Brotherhood’s surprise decision to field him in the elections, Shater also promised to reform the Interior Ministry which long played a leading role in suppressing dissent.

However, he denied he had struck a deal with the military on his candidacy, announced last Saturday, even though it may help candidates close to the old order of ousted President Hosni Mubarak by splintering the Islamist vote.

“Sharia was and will always be my first and final project and objective,” Shater was quoted on Wednesday as telling a meeting of the Religious Association for Rights and Reform – a group of which he is a member, along with figures who belong to the hard-line Salafi school of Islam.

In comments reported in a statement issued by the Association, Shater told the meeting held on Tuesday night that he would establish a special entity to help parliament achieve this objective.

The Brotherhood’s reversal of its promise not to contest the

elections has drawn criticism from inside and outside the group, whose party controls the biggest bloc in parliament and which dominates an assembly that is drawing up the constitution.

Read the full story by Tamim Elyan here.
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Oh gee. A Muslim who lies. Who’da thought?

Posted by DrForrester | Report as abusive

Well its like this. the Muslim brotherhood is no friend to teh west. And it is doubtful that this simple fact will change. islamic extremism is very closely aligned with mainstream islam. in fact, I doubt very seriously that you can tell the difference when viewed objectively. Media contiues to skew the facts surrounding islam. I have heard the hate mongering about islam and I habve heard the lies that muslims put forth in regard to their religion and its peaceful posture. Clearly this is shaping into what will one day be a world war. teh casualties will make all the other wars combined pale in comparison. I only hope that moderation wins in the end.

Posted by satchelcharge | Report as abusive

Who started first worldwar ?

Who stated second world war ?

Who started veitnam war ?

who srtarted war in haeti ?

Who started war in bosinia ?

Who started war Iraq in the name weapon of mass destructions ?

Who attacked Afganistan ?

Can you tell me where muslims were involved ?

Posted by abdulraufakhtar | Report as abusive