Numbers of U.S. Muslims and Mormons rising sharply: report

May 2, 2012

(Children play behind a curtain to separate the men and women in a prayer hall at the Islamic Cultural Center of New York in the Manhattan borough of New York August 26, 2010. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)

American Muslims grew in number over the past decade, outnumbering Jews for the first time in most of the Midwest and part of the South, while most mainline churches lost adherents, according to a census of American religions released.

The number of Muslim adherents rose to 2.6 million in 2010 from 1 million in 2000, fueled by immigration and conversions, said Dale Jones, a researcher who worked on the study by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies.

“Christians are the largest group in every state, but some of the things we found interesting was the growth of the Mormons, who reported the largest numerical gain in 26 states,” said Jones, who presented the report on Tuesday to a conference in Chicago.

The number of Mormons, whose Utah-based church’s formal name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, grew by 45 percent to 6.1 million in 2010, according to the census, which asked 236 religions to count their own adherents. Family members of adherents were generally included in the numbers.

Roughly 55 percent of Americans attend services with enough regularity to be counted, according to the data. By comparison, most surveys estimate roughly 85 percent of Americans profess religious faith, though they may not attend services.

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How much is the true Mormon growth rate. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that for this same report, the Mormons changed how they count someone as a member.

Church attendance of Mormons is 40%. So for that remaining 60%, who have, or haven’t attended a Mormon church in years, but their names remain on the rolls, because it takes miles of red tape to get your name removed, and most give up.

Now the pollster says each church determines how to count it’s members. But if Mormons typically lie by inflating numbers, by including “members” who left the church, but the Mormons keep their names on the rolls – none of these numbers are credible, considering the source.

Figures don’t lie, but Mormons figure.

My name is still on the rolls, and I have submitted three letters over two years, to the Bishop, and a copy to Salt Lake, to remove my name. But whenever the ward gets new Missionaries who visit “members” from the membership list – go figure – I’m still marked as Active.

Figures don’t lie, but Mormons figure.

Now we know where Mormon Romney learned to lie so convincingly. 926-142/ ml.csp

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Actually, the Mormon Church sheepishly revealed today that they cooked the books in this study. This story was based entirely upon numbers that they provided, and they were, ummm, dishonest. They provided numbers to the researchers that even ran counter to those published in their own Church Almanac.

I wonder if we’ll ever find something that this church won’t lie about?

Here’s the article about the amended numbers. 26-78/church-lds-membership-growth.html. csp

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