Pope’s butler fascinated by occult, Free Masons, spies and Vatican scandals

October 3, 2012

(Start of the trial of Pope Benedict’s former butler Paolo Gabriele (3rd L, in grey), accused of stealing and leaking the pontiff’s personal papers, at the Vatican September 29, 2012. REUTERS/Osservatore Romano)

Pope Benedict’s former butler stole highly sensitive papers the pontiff had marked “to be destroyed” and compromised Vatican security through his actions, the Holy See’s police told his trial on Wednesday.

On the third day of Paolo Gabriele’s trial, testimony depicted a man fascinated by the occult, Masonic lodges, secret services and past Italian and Vatican scandals.

“You can understand our unease when we saw these documents. This was a total violation of the privacy of the papal family,” said police agent Stefano De Santis, one of the four agents who said they found the papers in Gabriele’s home, using a Vatican term for the pope’s closest aides.

Gabriele’s leak to an Italian journalist of sensitive documents, some of them alleging corruption in the Vatican, caused one of the biggest crises of Pope Benedict’s papacy.

It threw an unflattering spotlight on the inner workings of a city-state eager to shake off a series of scandals involving sexual abuse of minors by clerics around the world and mismanagement at its bank.

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Why does the Pope need secret papers?

Posted by FrankTrades | Report as abusive

“The Holy See’s Police..?” They’re a Religion, not a country, not a state, shouldn’t be treated as one and THIS worries me more than the Pope’s papers getting filched. Maybe if the Damn Organization wasn’t so corrupt and they were hiding so much beneath their corpulent A**es. And I’m sorry, but being fascinated by the occult, Free Masons, spies and Vatican scandals isn’t agaisnt the law, either nail him for theft or STFU and stip trying to push the discredit away from the Church who had the Dirty Laundry to be found in the first place. Benedict is no John Paul and maybe his Righteousness can serve his own bloody tea and ftech his own damn dinner if he’s such a humble prat… May your God have mercy on you…

Posted by JM_Midnite | Report as abusive