Comments on: Fifty years on, Catholics still debate the meaning of Vatican II Religion, faith and ethics Sat, 23 Apr 2016 23:25:07 +0000 hourly 1 By: MinA23456781 Fri, 08 Feb 2013 23:38:54 +0000 Vatican II’s Constitution on the Church says this in chapter three:
“Although the individual bishops do not enjoy the prerogative of infallibility, they nevertheless proclaim Christ’s doctrine infallibly whenever, even though dispersed through the world, but still maintaining the bond of communion among themselves and with the successor of Peter, and authentically teaching matters of faith and morals, they are in agreement on one position as definitively to be held. This is even more clearly verified when, gathered together in an ecumenical council, they are teachers and judges of faith and morals for the universal Church, whose definitions must be adhered to with the submission of faith.”
( cils/ii_vatican_council/documents/vat-ii _const_19641121_lumen-gentium_en.html)

The 20 ecumenical councils before it are still infallible, like the ecumenical council of Trent that declared that Catholics with faith can lose salvation from unrepented mortal (grave) sin. And that baptism or the implicit desire of baptism is necessary for salvation. And Jesus is physically the consecrated bread wafers we receive at mass.

By: Russtoo Tue, 16 Oct 2012 00:51:28 +0000 Bull, Not Papal …; The Mass should be in the vernacular of the people. Reincorporating Latin is like speaking in tongues in the trenches where we ordinaries worship. Like the newly instituted changes, Advent 2011. Archaic=s “consubstantial” and other such changes, AGAIN!

The hierarchy wonders why Mass attendance has dropped. It’s because the faithful seldom know what’s going on. Just watch them on EWTN. Or, your home parish! Is it the Confetitors prayer or Kyrie Elyison, Lord/Christ/Lord have mercy? Shall the Gloria be set to music, OR NOT?? What is the music, THIS TIME? Which Eucharistic Prayer of 5??

And, “with your spirit”, as if the Lord needs to hear things spoken the way the schizophrenic hierarchy demands?!

At least we understood pedophilia, sort of … eh Benedict/Ratzinger “in WI” and the Bishopry not held responsible?!

By: daddyd01 Fri, 12 Oct 2012 02:48:52 +0000 I have trouble with parts of Vatican II. One is changing the Mass from Latin to local languages. It used to be you could go ANYWHERE in the world to ANY Catholic Church and hear Mass, and fully participate. Now, if you don’t happen to speak the language where you are, you cannot FULLY participate in the Mass. The Latin Mass is a beautiful thing to experience. I was young when I last heard a Latin Mass, I still remember the beauty of it. Way too many people,and way too many Priests and Religious left the Church because of Vatican II. Too many changes to the Liturgy. Threw out traditional songs/music, brought in “hippy songs/music”, guitars, etc. Basically “Threw out the baby with the bathwater” as is often said! I don’t go to Mass to be entertained, to see who’s there, to watch laity compete with the Priest, to see altar girls, to hear music, or sing songs that have nothing to do with the Catholic faith, that sound more like they belong in a new age non-denominational evangelical “church”. I go to spend time with, and worship God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit.
What has made me quit attending Mass for now is the encroachment of the CHARISMATICS! They are ruining The Church for me! If I desired the kind of nonsense they promote, I would be in one of the new age, non-denominational, evangelical “churches”. It seems that you cannot find a Catholic Church that hasn’t been polluted by the charismatics. You cannot find a Traditional Mass anywhere, except maybe some Cathedrals or a Monastery. I’m glad to hear that Pope Benedict is turning back some of these changes, and is promoting the Tridentine Mass. I hope this continues.