French RC Church says gay marriage for few, to be imposed on all

November 3, 2012

(People take part in the annual Gay Pride march in Paris, June 30, 2012. The sign in the foreground reads “Equality, Democracy, Progress”. The sign at center reads “Marriage for All”. REUTERS/Mal Langsdon)

France’s leading Roman Catholic prelate said on Saturday a government plan to legalize same-sex marriage would profoundly affect the equilibrium of French society, calling it a reform for the few not the many.

Speaking in the pilgrimage town of Lourdes, Paris Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois urged Catholics to show their opposition to a planned marriage reform by writing and speaking to their elected officials and through other “democratic means of expression”.

His call to action, announced at an annual plenary meeting of the country’s Catholic bishops, came as President Francois Hollande’s left-wing government prepared to present its draft bill on gay marriage in cabinet next Wednesday.

French faith leaders – mostly Catholic, but also Jewish, Muslim, Protestant and Orthodox Christian – and conservative politicians have mobilized against the law, especially against its provision to allow gay couples to adopt children.

“The presidential and legislative elections (earlier this year) did not give them carte blanche, especially not for reforms that very profoundly affect the equilibrium of our society,” said Vingt-Trois, who called the planned reform “a fraud”.

“It will not be ‘marriage for all’,” he said, citing the slogan of the pro-reform campaign, “it will be the marriage of a few imposed on all”.

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More of the same Anti-Christ rhetoric from the church. The shame of the church.

Posted by JosephChrist | Report as abusive

More unfounded “sky is falling” rhetoric from the church adding to the list of scare tactics employed by the church in its crusade against our gay brothers and sisters.

Posted by JosephChrist | Report as abusive

This still happens. Gay marrige is not need of any religion but in my views we have to visit where about religion and gay marriges description is in full manner.
Churches are also participating in these marriges. As if normal person can married then why not gay?

Posted by lim00 | Report as abusive