China cracks down on “Almighty God” cult out to slay communist “Red Dragon”

December 14, 2012

(Chinese Dragon Festival dragon at festival in Galashiels, Scotland, 2 February 2008/Walter Baxter)

China has launched a crackdown on a cult it says is calling for a “decisive battle” to slay the “Red Dragon” Communist Party, and which has been spreading doomsday rumours, state media said on Friday.

In recent weeks, hundreds of members of the “Almighty God” group have clashed with police, sometimes outside government buildings, in central Henan, northern Shaanxi and southwestern Gansu provinces, according to photos on popular microblogs.

(The group) has “incited followers to launch a decisive battle with the ‘Big Red Dragon’, to make the ‘Red Dragon’ extinct and to establish the reign of the kingdom of the ‘Almighty God'”, the provincial Shaanxi Daily said on its website.

It added that the sect’s followers have been distributing leaflets saying that the world will end in 2012.

China’s Communist Party brooks no challenge to its rule and is obsessed with social stability.

It has particularly taken aim at cults, which have multiplied across the country in recent years. Demonstrations have been put down with force and some sect leaders executed.

“The State Bureau of Religious Affairs has already documented the group’s cult nature, has outlawed it and is presently harshly cracking down,” the Shaanxi Daily said.

It did not say how many followers the sect had.

The State Bureau of Religious Affairs did not answer repeated calls from Reuters seeking comment.

Former President Jiang Zemin launched a campaign in 1999 to crush the Falun Gong religious group, banning it as an “evil cult” after thousands of practitioners staged a surprise but peaceful sit-in outside the leadership compound in Beijing to demand official recognition of their movement.

Read the full story by Sui-Lee Wee here.
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“China‚Äôs Communist Party brooks no challenge to its rule and is obsessed with social stability.”

That’s about as foolish and vacuous a comment as would be possible. “Obsessed” with stability? How about “really wants a stable society so the country can just develop and everybody can have a nice future without having to worry about the US starting another war in Korea or Vietnam, and without it trying to fill China with yet more CIA NGOs to destabilise everything”?

Posted by WatchingChina | Report as abusive

To say the the government of China (the most popular and trusted on earth, according to both Pew and Edelman) is “obsessed with stability is silly. All governments are. Rememher our response to Joe McCarthy’s imaginary “Communist threat”?
All Chinese dynasties have been obsessed with stability and hramony. Why? Look at this example of the last successful religious uprising in China. It happened during my grandfather’s lifetime, under the old Emperor, and it brought down the mighty Ching Empire: ellion

Posted by godfree | Report as abusive

The 37-year-old woman was attacked by a group of people who were described as being members of the Church of Almighty God religious movement, state media reported. The group preached a global apocalypse would take place in 2012 and has been banned by Chinese authorities. hina-sparks-outrage-080318002– ml;_ylt=AwrSyCWIqItTVVUAKTTQtDMD

Posted by dej2 | Report as abusive