Lawyer who foretold Catholic Church sex abuse scandals writes his story

December 30, 2012

(The sun sets over St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican, 31 Dec 1999. REUTERS/Paul Hanna)

Ray Mouton was a successful young lawyer in Lafayette, Louisiana, respected in the community and blessed with a loving family, when he received a call from a vicar in the Roman Catholic diocese for a lunch meeting on a fateful day in 1984.

The diocese asked him to defend an errant priest, accused of abusing dozens of children in a rural community. Mouton reluctantly agreed to take on the task.

What followed over the next few years was the uncovering of an institution riddled with pedophile priests on a national scale and efforts at high levels in the Catholic Church to hide the problem away.

For Mouton, it meant the end of his law career, health problems, and anger, depression and guilt.

After many years of writing from his self-imposed exile in France, he finally tells his story in the novel “In God’s House”. It is a harrowing read laden with sickening detail, but also for Mouton, a work of atonement.

“There’s not a day I don’t think about the children. When I was writing the book, whenever I wanted to quit, I thought about the victims and their families,” he told Reuters.

Read the full story by Angus MacSwan here.
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The Catholic church isn’t God’s church. It is a cancerous outgrowth of a church Jesus started 2000 years ago.

The Catholic church focuses on retaining its filthy riches despite the fact that 2000 people die of starvation every day. The Catholic church has a higher percentage of pedophiles than any institution in history (8-9% in the US in the 70s and 80s, by their own admission in their own John Jay report), and is the only institution ever to knowingly move child rapists. They always fight the victims, all of whom were God’s best children.

Followers of the Catholic church will be damned for eternity, since God does not forgive as easily as Catholics do.

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