Islamists in Syria’s Aleppo ban ‘provocative dress’ for women

July 1, 2013

(A creation by Kuwaiti designer Nadia al-Busheihri from her summer 2006 collection shown in Beirut, January 20, 2006. REUTERS/Jamal Saidi)

Islamist rebels in Syria’s northern city of Aleppo issued an order on Monday banning women from dressing in what it considered provocative styles, angering some locals who accuse the group of overstepping its powers.

The Islamic law council of Aleppo’s Fardous neighborhood issued a fatwa, or religious edict, banning all Muslim women from wearing “immodest” dress and announcing plans to apply such rules to all female inhabitants.

“Muslim women are banned from leaving the house in immodest dress, in tight clothing that shows off their bodies or wearing makeup on their face,” the statement said. “It is incumbent on all our sisters to obey God and commit to Islamic etiquette”.

Hardline Islamist groups have increasingly taken the lead in the revolt against President Bashar al-Assad’s rule. Many units, some of which are linked to al Qaeda, have stretched their influence beyond the battleground and established police and administrative councils in some rebel-held areas.

But these groups’ ascendance is stirring resentment among many Syrians, who are increasingly reporting incidents of Islamist councils silencing or even attacking groups with different views.

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what I do not understand is that men force women to dress covered head to toe, so that their evil will not force men to do unwanted things to the women.
that makes it sound like men have no control. that they do not have the moral compass to determine what they should and should not do, as it concerns women.
why not ask men to take responsibility for their own actions. i.e. just because you can see a woman’s skin, does not mean you have to lose your moral compass. you do not have to fall-in love, rape, stock, or other wise harass a women because you see her skin, hair or any other part of her body.
I say to all men, take responsibility and stop blaming women for your issues.

Posted by peter80111 | Report as abusive