Atheists should work with believers for peace, Pope Francis says on Christmas

December 26, 2013

(Pope Francis holds the baby Jesus statue at the end of the Christmas night mass in the Saint Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican December 24, 2013. REUTERS/Tony Gentile)

Pope Francis, celebrating his first Christmas as Roman Catholic leader, on Wednesday called on atheists to unite with believers of all religions and work for “a homemade peace” that can spread across the world.

Speaking to about 70,000 people from the central balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica, the same spot where he emerged to the world as pope when he was elected on March 13, Francis also made another appeal for the environment to be saved from “human greed and rapacity”.

The leader of the 1.2 billion-member Church wove his first “Urbi et Orbi” (to the city and world) message around the theme of peace.

“Peace is a daily commitment. It is a homemade peace,” he said.

He said that people of other religions were also praying for peace, and – departing from his prepared text – he urged atheists to join forces with believers.

“I invite even non-believers to desire peace. (Join us) with your desire, a desire that widens the heart. Let us all unite, either with prayer or with desire, but everyone, for peace,” he said, drawing sustained applause from the crowd.

Francis’s reaching out to atheists and people of other religions is a marked contrast to the attitude of former Pope Benedict, who sometimes left non-Catholics feeling that he saw them as second-class believers.
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So far I like what this new Pope is saying and doing. He speaks for himself and not quoting Christ. But I have to chuckle about the part of his Christmas message, where he called on “Atheists to unite with believers and work for a homemade peace.”

Yes he needs atheists to get peace, because he knows how many wars, inquisitions and other campaigns in the name of Christianity, have been perpetrated on any other religions, other than pure Catholic dogma. How science has been inhibited and unregulated population growth has been encouraged and at the same time, imposing inhibitions on people for their harmless natural biological needs.

I find it so very interesting because in all of the different scriptures, Christ does not talk about peace but instead says: “I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword”

So although the Pope is saying some really good things, in my opinion, it is not coming from the scriptures, but from his own heart. That part is so good.

I just wish he would also say that being a good person has nothing to do with religion. Now that would truly blow my mind.

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