German bishops tell Vatican: Catholics reject sexual morality rules

February 3, 2014

(Archbishop Robert Zollitsch (R), head of the German Bishops’ Conference, speaks during a news conference in Vatican October 14, 2013. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi)

Germany’s Catholic bishops, responding to a worldwide Vatican survey, said on Monday that many Church teachings on sexual morality were either unknown to the faithful there or rejected as unrealistic and heartless.

They said the survey, drawn up for a synod on possible reforms in October, showed most German Catholics disputed Church bans on birth control and premarital or gay sex and criticized rules barring the divorced from remarriage in church.

The results will not be news to many Catholics, especially in affluent Western countries, but the blunt official admission of this wide gap between policy and practice is uncommon and bound to raise pressure on Pope Francis to introduce reforms.

Bishops in Germany, one of the richest and most influential national churches in the 1.2-billion-strong Catholic world, have been pressing the Vatican to reform, especially over divorce.

A statement from the German bishops conference called the results “a sober inventory of what German Catholics appreciate about Church teaching on marriage and the family and what they find offputting or unacceptable, either mostly or completely.”

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“Germany‚Äôs Catholic bishops, responding to a worldwide Vatican survey, said on Monday that many Church teachings on sexual morality were either unknown to the faithful there or rejected as unrealistic and heartless.”

That statement is more an indictment of the German Bishops lack of proper teaching of the Faith, rather than that of the German Catholics lack of understanding. The Bishops are trying to pass the buck by proclaiming themselves the victims, rather than the reverse. They appear to be failing or have failed in their Pastoral Care of their sheep, and now are blaming everyone but themselves. They Teach nothing but dissent and rebellion to the German Catholics, rather than the Catholic Faith as taught by Our Lord, and now wonder why their Faithful have no Faith?

Posted by daveh2014 | Report as abusive

What do you expect when you survey “Catholics” in name only. As I Catholic, I accept all of the Church teachings and find said teachings to be merciful and liberating.

Posted by Nathan_C | Report as abusive

Well, if all teens were surveyed about staying out late, smoking weed, having premarital sex, or having to go to school, there would no doubt be a great majority who felt their parents rules or society’s rules were just to old and need to be rethought. Not surprising. But what parent would say, okay, let’s change the rules simply because you want them to be changed so you can live as you want? Pathetic. There are rules, and in this case, they are God given, not man made. If man came to know WHY the teachings are what they are, they’d understand WHY they are what they are, and WHY they are not to be changed – for any reason. They are God’s teachings because they help us to be and become the best we can be, not encourage us to be the lamest we can. Buck up Bps of Germany and Go TEACH, as your vocation calls you to. Suck it up Catholics. Otherwise, go to Hell – which is literally where you will end up disobeying God’s loving laws which are to advise us to the Wisdom,and perfection of His Ways, not keep us from having fun. These rules are for us to have the MOST fun we can have, while being fully human and carefree. It is a misunderstanding by those who don’t know the Catholic faith.

Posted by BigDofVirginia | Report as abusive